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  1. Well,does our data disprove human creation, I mean the idea that humans and apes have a common ancestor?
  2. Actually I am arguing from an islamic point of view. It does not detail the age of the earth. 2nd, here is this from islamic tradition: Allaah The Exalted created Aadam (Adam ), from a handful that grasped all parts of the earth. Hence, the Children of Aadam have varied (in appearance and traits) according to the nature of the earth. There came from them the white, red, black and (others with colors) in between, and (there also came from them) the wicked, kind, lenient, harsh, and (others with characteristics) in between." [Ahmad, Abu Daawood, At-Tirmithi. Al-Albaani and other narrators considered it as a Saheeh (Authentic) Hadeeth] This Hadeeth shows that differences in the color of people's skin varies according to the differences in color of the earth from which Aadam was created. Neither the Sharee‘ah nor experience accepts the saying that the skin color of some people has became black due to the heat of the sun. Any wise person obviously knows that. It is a fact that climate and heat affect skin color, but they do not affect the genes because when a black man moves to a cold region, the black color of his skin does not change. Also, when a white man moves to a hot region, his skin color becomes darker and when he returns to a cold region, his skin becomes whiter again.
  3. Let me elaborate. The claim is that the virgin birth is not contradicted by observable evidence. So what I ask is, the idea of the story of adam contradicted by observational evidence?
  4. Did you see my point on the virgin birth and the thing via evolution? It reads this: Note that the virgin birth of Jesus does not directly contradict any observations we make. It does make one wonder where his Y chromosome comes from, but one can argue that it was created ex-nihilo of magically copied from Joseph's. and this: The difference between the two is that the virgin birth does not have an a effect on our present and cannot be proved to be true or wrong, on the other hand the creation myth couldn't have happened because our current reality contradicts it, hope this clears it up I was wondering, is this true? I read it from a site but it has biases against religion so I wanted to ask here to get a more neutral answer.
  5. I mean, ithe creation of adam was a miracle as shown here: about this by way of direct revelation The direct creation of Adam (can neither be confirmed nor denied by science in any way. This is because the creation of Adam was a unique and singular historical event. It is a matter of the Unseen and something that science does not have the power to confirm or deny. As a matter of the Unseen, We say the same for the miracles. Miraculous events, by their very nature, do not conform to scientific laws and their occurrence can neither be confirmed nor denied by science. I wonder, how is evolution a reason to doubt creationism. as well, some people believe in the virgin birth of jesus, so why not creation of adam? People are born with parents, so does that mean god is giving evidence against jesus birth? However, regarding virgin birth, I have been shown this: Note that the virgin birth of Jesus does not directly contradict any observations we make. It does make one wonder where his Y chromosome comes from, but one can argue that it was created ex-nihilo of magically copied from Joseph's. and this: The difference between the two is that the virgin birth does not have an a effect on our present and cannot be proved to be true or wrong, on the other hand the creation myth couldn't have happened because our current reality contradicts it, hope this clears it up I mean, does current scientific evidence contradict the creation story, unlike the virgin birth as stated here? Overall though?
  6. Dr Luther “The effect of songs and music in anesthetizing the nerves is stronger than the effect of drugs.” Moreover, Professor of Columbia University, Dr. Wolf Adler says: “The best and most fascinating tunes of music leave the worst kind of effects on the nervous system of humans and on their blood pressure, and especially when the climate is hot; then the unpleasant effects are too much. Indeed, music exhausts the nervous system in the human body because of being electrified by it.” "The two major divisions of the automatic nervous system are called the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems." Sympathetic nerves leave the middle regions of the spinal cord "Parasympathetic nerves leave the central nervous system from the upper regions where they travel in cranial nerves (i.e., 12 pairs of nerves attached to the brain and serving head and neck), and from the lowermost regions of the spinal cord where they travel in spinal nerves. "Most internal organs of your body are supplied with both parasympathetic and sympathetic nerve fibres." "In general, these two types of nerves work in opposite ways. For example, impulses travelling along sympathetic nerve fibres toward the heart increase your heart-beat rate, whereas impulses travelling along the parasympathetic nerves leading to the heart disease its rate. "When we examine the effects of sympathetic stimulation of various organs, a pattern begins to emerge. We find that sympathetic stimulation causes a number of events: 1. Widening of air passage leading to the lungs; 2. Constriction or narrowing of blood vessel in the skin and in the intestinal tract, resulting in blood being shifted from the digestive organs and skin to the muscles; 3. A general slowing down of movements in the intestinal tract; 4 An increase in the force and rate of heart-beat: 5. Release of the blood sugar from the liver; 6. Release of the harmones adrenaline. All of these activities prepare the human being for emergencies such as running or fighting. The widening of air passages makes it easier for the human being to beathe faster and get more oxygen. Blood is shifted from regions where it will not be needed during the emergency (the intestinal tract, for example) to skeletal and heart muscle which will need oxygen and blood sugar. The heart beats faster and stronger so that blood circulates through the muscles at a higher rate. Blood sugar is released from storage in the liver into the blood stream where it will be available to supply muscles with energy. In short, sympathetic stimulation prepares the man for emergencies, and in this process, increases the blood pressure, retards the function of digestive system and increases the sugar contents of the blood. The function of Parasympathetic nerves system is opposite to the sympathetic system "It widens the veins, releases nonadrenalin hormones and generally retards activities. "The two nervous systems run parallel to each other and in co- operation from one part of the body to another. The co-operation of the two systems is essential for maintaining the equilibrium of the body, which in turn has a great bearing and effect on the physical and mental health of man. Should at any time there be a lack of co-operation between these two systems, physical or mental disorders could arise resulting in one disease or another." Some actions or movements outside human body can adversely affect the natural equilibrium of these two systems. One of those things is music. A brisk and lively musical programme, particularly if it is accompanied by musical instruments, disturbs this equilibrium of the various systems; digestion is badly affected; palpitation of the heart is increased; blood pressure goes high and abnormal secretion of hormones leaves a lasting bad effect upon general health. Music stimulates mostly the sympathetic nervous system; and it may create insomnia (lack of sleep); it may cause tempers to flareup; sudden laughter or nonsensical talks are amongst its possible effects. It may even lead to mania (a kind of madness).. Such people may be seen to move their hands and feet in dancing pattern even when not listening to music. Dr. Vollf Adler, who was a professor in the Columbia University, found out that a best melodious record of music can badly harm the nerves of a human body; and the warmer the weather the more the harm. He proved that music upsets the nervous systems unnaturally, and causes considerable fatigue. This research of Dr. Adler had a widespread effect on many Americans; many stopped listening to music altogether. The belief that music was harmful for a progressive nation like U.S.A., reached a stage when a member of the Senate proposed a resolution to ban the music in the country. Relevant proofs and arguments were put before the Senate. But in a nation steeped in lust and materialism, not many senators could be found to vote for that resolution. (Illustre Dimanche; No. 630; Paris; as quoted in, "Falsafa-e-Tahrim-e- Musiqui", published by the institution "Dar Rah-e-Haqq", Qum, Iran) Concentration on listening to musical concerts or Jazz bands at times causes such violent tension that mental stability is thrown out of window. Otologists say that youngsters are going deaf by blasting their ears with electronic pop music. "Experts know that prolonged exposure to a noise level above 85 decibels will eventually result in a reduction of hearing acuity in the frequency range most important for understanding human speech. Dr. Charles Lebo, of the Pacific Medical Centre took measuring instruments into two San Francis co dance halls where the cacophony from amplified instruments caused sound intensity from 100 to 119 decibels in the low frequency range. "Lebo estimates that under such conditions 80 per cent have their hearing sensitivity temporarily reduced by 5 to 30 decibels; 10 per cent suffer a temporary 40 decibel impairment. Some might suffer permanent damage after a year of steady listening. (Time). In short high bloodpresure, insomnia, emotional instability mania and madness, nervous break downs, ulcers, heart troubles, diabetes, rheumatisms temporary permanent deafness and birth of deformed or disabled babies are the effects of music.
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