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  1. ok ill try again: two guys are separated from their centers one km and theyre one m big if they have a ruler in their pocket of 1 m what distance will show the ruler when both guys and the ruler grow to half km radius a prescholar question: how ,many times does a 1 m ruler fit in one km distance? how many times does a 500 m ruler fit in one km? please answer me this question its quite easy and well have to go very small steps at a time im afraid maybe someone who understand and is english native speaker can explain this guy? edit: here a diagram of apparent motion just by change of size i hope you finally understand:
  2. should i clarify the separation is from their centers if their centers are separated one meter and theyre each half meter big theyre touching they arrived i didnt say applying a force "shrinks it" i said applying a force on a ball means you sent it away but with no motion that would imply you just shrinked it youre arguing as the sun seems to revolve it must revolve perspective can both account for motion as for just shrinking my point was that taking motion as shrinking you could use the equations derived from perspective rules in fact this is a question of perspective its as right to say it moves and it appears to grow as its right as well to say that it grows and appears to move the question would be what the universe really does and which perspective explain things farther, if a 4 dimensional perespective or a 5 dimensional this problem takes us to a philosophical question should you trust your mind over your senses? your mind tells you and object moves and change of size is an ILLUSION your senses tell you, hey this tiger is bigger and bigger i better run edit: so do you agree now that two objects in empty space one cm big separated their centers 1 m after growing to 50 cm will meet? if you agree to this and please answer me because this doesnt seem to be a valid point i can go next stage and explain you how can they go past each other, hint zenos dichotomy anyway this idea is not intractable. http://www.mindship.org/meyerst.htm exactly so distance is 1 meter between each center of two guys that are floating in space the guys are one cm big and their ruler is one cm big as well when the ruler is two cm big change they didnt notice theyll think now theres left 50 units of that 2 cm now rule not 100 like before
  3. here theres a 5 min video that explains it maybe more didactically: lets do a simulattion with our minds: two objects are separated 1 m and are 1 cm big AND THEYRE STILL after each grow to a size of 50 cm after x time they will meet but they havent moved theyve just had an illusory perception of motion due to not noticing the change in size for relatively to each other they havent changed size so when you apply a force on an object what youre really doing it its shrinking it and acelerating its time rate thats why as a car moves away it gets smaller and slower
  4. Butch maybe you could check my thread on space as shrinking, i fully agree with your theory: http://www.scienceforums.net/topic/101821-how-is-time-defined-in-newtonian-physics/ myself i concluded independently a model where as radius of space doubles time halves but maybe yours is more accurate i dont know enough physics but i took it that space shrinks in front of mass what is the same than mass inflates in front of space
  5. I think the op point is more philosofical than physical. In physics its irrelevant weather you take space as equal to vt with constant v and constant t than you take v as tending to infinite and t tending to zero. Apparently according to him he claims in the equation s=vt v tends to infinite and t to zero and once v reaches infinity and time zero they change sense and infinite then tends to zero and zero tends to infinite with the sign reversed. This is some transfinite maths i wonder if theres a model for. Are two particles trully moving or they just change size simultaneously with a fake sensation of motion? I think the most interesting part is philosophical Can our mind decieve us about the nature of the universe? When an object gets close to you does it really translate or is it just growing and you assume things by your minds construct philosophically speaking you could say space is equal to one unit so one=v as it tends to infinite * t as it tends to zero but he claims they reach those extreme values and then reverse with a reversed sign so 1= 0*8=-8*-0 and this would be valid for any value instead of 1 if you take 1 youre taking a grid in space of one unit but that formula would be true for any number even zero so you could take a grid in which all axes are located at (000) so this would be the oneness parmenides meant though i see more likely a twoness time and spaceplaying all the time with infinity and zero so there are just two numbers in the whole universe there are just two real things and real numbers the rest are constructions of the mind missguided by appearance zero and infinite who are you, myself i think im zero edit. i think to obtain the formula for motion as inflation its in perspective drawing:
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