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  1. i do not think it is instictive because not all human populations pratice it in anyform, i read before that some Amerindians were confused by its meaning and simply saw it as unhealthy, calling Europeans a word that ment "Dirty Mouths" as to their frequency in kissing, i do not remember the term This is the most interesting form of "kissing" i've heard of as recorded by Darwin in Malaysia "The women squatted with their faces upturned; my attendants stood leaning over them, laid the bridge of their noses at right angles over theirs, and commenced rubbing. It lasted somewhat longer than a hearty handshake with us. During this process they uttered a grunt of satisfaction."
  2. Does anyone know of a website, similar to this, but focusing on the Humanities (History, Religion, Language, Cultures)? I haven't been able to find a good quality one beside History Channel, but that focuses to much on the United States. Possibly in Spanish if able.
  3. HELP! My professor was in Guardia Civil and is very intense. he once pick a man up by his collar for not covering a container of Silver Nitrate
  4. In my chemistry clase I had to proform an experiement that proved avogadro's law Equal volumes of gases under the same temperature and pressure contain equal numbers of molecules. no i need ot know why this is significant in the relm of chemistry as a conclusion i am not a quimico and have no idea why the volume of 1 mole at STP is 58.016 cm3 of Hydrogen gas is important
  5. Thank you, I would love to discuss it more but it is very, very late.
  6. Or is there a way to find one through vBulletin main page.
  7. Does anyone know of a website, similar to this, but on world history? I haven't been able to find a good quality one beside History Channel, but that focuses to much on the United States Possible in Spanish.
  8. I believe everything animal has a soul but different intelligences to understand their soul. So a dog has a soul but won't understand it but intelligent creatures such as other Great Apes and probably delfines understand to an extent, if not as much as Humans what it means "to be" and have a concept of self.
  9. I believe humans are the highest species of apes and such are responsable to worship God for ourselves and all other animals, we evolved from a same origin.
  10. I am in seminary and I believe in both, original life made by God and controled evolution by his divine means.
  11. And hydrogen sulfate i think using sand paper is the same as filing as it is removing surface area by abrasian
  12. what does one do with a block of steel?
  13. Im just wondering what all of you think as to the future of human evolution as in: -When a we will become a new species? -What would our apperence be? -What new traits may we develop? -How we will interact with; each other/the planet/animal/rest of the universe
  14. well i knew there is mostly hydrogen is the Sun and galaxy, but after the third line you lost me with the wave lengths... its times like this i almost wish i payed attention when my high school teacher to giving notes on this instead of trying to get the girl i sat next to to sleep with me...
  15. I don't know much about about science, the humanities have always been my field, so if someone could explain this to me simply that would be great: How is one supposed to be able to translate the Plaque on Pioneer 10 & 11 by understanding the "Hyperfine Transition of Hydrogen"?
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