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  1. Dear Anyone. So you've got a car powered by hydrogen. Totally environment friendly - so I've read - water comes out the other end of the process. (Not seen one for real, just read about them!) Now water is hydrogen plus oxygen, as you know, so some'ow (don't understand this bit!) the hydrogen you've 'used' is still there in the water. Wouldn't it be possible to separate the two back out again so they're both gases and re-burn the separated-out hydrogen in the separated-out oxygen? And if you get MORE water coming out the other end of the process, couldn't you just set up a loop so the new water would go back to the separator, separated back out and re-reburned and so on? Surely you'd end up with an infinite power-loop, constantly reusing the same hydrogen? Now there's GOTTA be a problem with the above, or someone would've thought of it by now! But if by burning hydrogen in the first place you're getting water coming out the other end, I'm not seeing what the problem IS! (And if you've got a separator, the above aside, couldn't you just power everything with purified water?) What am I missing here? (Apart from a brain!) Yours puzzledly Chris.
  2. Dear Everyone. Thankyou very much for all your answers, all of which have helped me understand the phenomenon! To 'Strange' er-pardon the ignorance again - isn't it ALWAYS night in Space, or were you having a joke and I missed it? Yours with thanks Chris
  3. Dear Everyone. I expect I'll be back but basically this is the question I've joined to ask. I've seen loads of NASA pics. of The Earth from Space - but you'd expect to see loadsa stars in the background, many more than you usually see on light-polluted Earth (on the whole!) But there's never any, Space is always jet black in NASA shots without a star in sight. Evidence: http://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/blogs/elegantfigures/2013/04/22/earth-day-and-night/comment-page-1/ Like - where's the rest of the universe gone!?! (Google 'NASA Pictures of Earth from Space' and you'll find every one is galaxy-free! And the same with the Moon, Jupiter even.) I'm sorry in advance if this is a Really Dumb Question to you experts, but I've never found a definitive answer to it. Yours in extreme puzzlement Chris.
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