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  1. Dlarkin, It is possible to see. Just do not focus on horizon or the blue sky while gazing. What we normally do is focus our attention in the sky . While gazing (try not to blink/wink your eye ) the horizon, draw your attention away (un-focus) towards yourself for 1-2 minutes as if you are not paying attention to the sky or horizon. You may have to try few different panoramic scene e.g. mountain with snow, forest near snow , horizon near seashore etc. They are easily visible there. I concur that these may not be white blood cells in front of viewer's eyes.
  2. yeah..this is a later version taking multiverse (read multiple universe) as context. The multiverse makes this more confusing. You are looking for information about classical quantum theory in universe context. Wikipedia has lot of information of classical quantum jumps
  3. Well, the quantum white dart particles we see in the blue sky or a large horizon seems to be more of normal natural event (if nature is biological then it is biological event. ) as long we are attuned to it. Hope you are not saying they are white blood cells which i do not concur. One will notice it more in forest area with snow capped mountain backdrop and less near urban developments. A little bit of physics digression I took to explain the quantum leap meaning.
  4. Agreed "observer" is just a measurement in traditional quantum theory.Modern physicist interpret this little differently when multiverse (multi universe ) theories are included. Also, consciousness (bio-physics) and energy (physics) are similar in nature. So these particles are somehow self-conscious in a limited way. Not saying that we influence what we see in the blue sky.
  5. Strange, Neils Bohr theorized that quantum particles exist as waves that might be anywhere (multiverses) until the wave function is collapsed. Experimental observations at quantum level change our assumptions about reality as we see that quantum particles are not always particles and sometimes exist as pure energy, that some kind of invisible connection exists between entangled quantum particles so they move together simultaneously with non-local spooky action at a distance , that simply by observing and experiment we are affecting it and that unlike classical physics -read preconceived notions - , quantum behavior can only ever be predicted by probabilities. It is basically the observer changes the behavior of energy particles observed. I guess this makes them intelligent including the light energy particles ( Albert Einstien theorized that light is actually composed of light energy particles ) we observe in the sky. Little bit of digression from the posted topic but hope it helps. Wiki has a lot of details about - String Theory, multi-verse , quantum physics theory coming up .
  6. Strange, Quantum jump ("quantum leap") itself is intelligent. I just let it know other viewers of this post , if they are not aware. How I know they are like quantum jump, these dart bright light particles move randomly without a tail initially and disappear with a tail (and perhaps some of them reappear in milliseconds ) across sky or horizon. If you gaze a large horizon or sky you can clearly see millions of them dancing around. Clearly, some relationship between light, eye and perception (consciousness) is at play here. It is very difficult to buy the Ophthalmologist view only. Millions of white blood cells randomly dancing in seconds time !! I am not denying it either. As someone else also posted, they themselves did not trust their patient and laughed at him/her. Regarding "nature's frequency", I meant how well/unwell we perceive ( consciousness controls this) as observers -via eye- of the blue sky (objects we perceive, mainly). The light blue sky has perhaps light particle energy elements ( i agree with other poster on this) and certain attuned observers ( perhaps in their relaxed state of perception ). are able to see them. Otherwise, how come in group only few can see them !! Hope you have seen these bright while darts earlier like others on this post. My two cents.
  7. This is a long thread and still alive after so many years. I guess the nature of this topic keeps it alive as it has to be observed over few decades before coming to conclusion about the reality of Nature. These white bright darts do intelligent quantum jumps ("quantum leap" by Neils Bohr I meant) and there are virtually millions of them seen in brightly lit up space e.g. blue sky or cloudy sky or far horizon Opthomalogist say this is Blue field entoptic phenomena of the white blood cells. Does it explain the quantum intelligent jump still ? I do not think so. I have been observing them for more than 20 years (adult then ) and I do not have to focus even. Just look at some far horizon or sky (blue or cloudy) . Here the consciousness, eye and nature (read yin/yang someone commented on the post earlier ) are in alignment (read nature's frequency ) with each other. Perhaps, people can see them when all three are in tune with nature's frequency. I am happy there are few other who can see these bright white quantum darts.
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