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  1. I apologize for offending you, I was referring to the more extreme religious ones, not just people who are religious. I made a bad assumption that we were all talking about the extreme ones.
  2. I believe it is unethical because innocents get caught in the middle, and even though I would want the chair just to stop living a miserable existence in prison, there are people who would not want it. Maybe they need to rethink this whole putting prisoner to death system to be more voluntary, to be seen as more humane. If your in for a life sentence then it would only save resources if people were given the opportunity to volunteer for assisted suicide. However, there would have to be restrictions so everyone doesn't do it like a minimum amount of years in or age like you have to be 50 to volunteer. However, this would no longer be a penalty or punishment. In conclusion, I think it should be restructured to be more voluntary as in its current state it is completely unethical.
  3. Looks like with 40% of the judges laid off, more injustice will be done, at least I imagine as they would have to rush through cases to get them done. Which in the end, probably gives Erdogan an advantage in silencing others.
  4. Religious people desire to bury science alive when it intimidates them with facts and causes them to slightly question their beliefs. The way they fight this back, is to try and "destroy" the facts by discrediting the knowledge gained in science.
  5. A manifestation of our ego. Our desires, wants. We create this God in our heads who is this perfect and powerful person, something which humans crave to some extent. We imagine a perfect paradise with no problems or flaws, which we are flawed and face troubles throughout life. Basically, a blanket for our flaws and insecurities. Don't get me wrong, its possible there is a god, but if there was we obviously have had no contact as there is no proof we have. I hope there is a god, as it would suck to just stop existing. But I believe I only prove my own point in the end. Honestly, I try to stay away from religion and just live life.
  6. Human life only matters through our influences in the environment around us. We influence life on Earth with our contributions to climate change, whether this is through lack of regulation or the fact we are dealing with overpopulation (etc.) [Climate change is not our only influence in the environment though. Fighting diseases, efforts to keep species from going extinct, etc] In a sense, we only matter to other life, without other life, we would not matter at all, but without other life, we would not exist. We mattered to the West African black rhinoceros, as we affected its very existence to the point of extinction. The purpose of life is to reproduce and die, according to my environmental science teacher some years ago. On a more philosophical level, we have to create our own purpose in life. An example would be if someone desired their purpose in life to be helping others, so they make it their purpose through efforts to help others.
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