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  1. Hi there everyone, I'm Koen Van Loon from Belgium and there is something that has been laying on my mind for quite some time now, but I'm not smart enough/don't have the proper education to solve it myself, so I thought you guys might be able to help. I was thinking about evolution and came up with an experiment which I would like to know the answer to. Lets say we have a highly sophisticated robot, either biological or mechanical (like those things from Boston dynamics). If we would randomly change this robot, the chance that it would become worse is naturally hi
  2. You obviously know a lot more about the brain than I do, I am planning to learn more about the brain in the future.Now whether the brain is a computer or not is also a semantics question. Obviously computers and brains are enourmously different, but the point of the of the two it is the same. You have input signals which need to be processed so output signals can be created. A computer that logicly computes input signals to create output signals is different in structure depending on its job and the complexity of it. A processor of a calculator is pretty simple compared to that of a gaming
  3. I'm not sure what you mean, but my point is that if we would ever found an alien planet and if there are lange things that live in the athmosphe there. We choudn't be suprised if they use the same technique as our birds use.
  4. I understand, and ofcouse the 'technology' of the brain is ofcourse different that that of our computers. Its very possible we can't create consciousness with current day technology nomatter how complex we build the computer. My guess is brains use quantum mechanics and who knows. We also know that for example while a single transistor is conectet by only 2 or 3 other transistors, a single neuron is connected to several thousand other neurons etc.Can I also add that there is for example no coincidence that our computers use electrons to comunicate and the brain does also. Take flying for exam
  5. Of course I agree, studying the brain is the most important thing that is needed if we want to understand consciousness. Our brain just happens to be a computer, so it would be logical to assume that consciousness is created by some form of information processing. Like I said before, our brains need to apply some form of logic on its input signals to create output signals which keeps the biological robot alive.Thats why the brain is so complex, navigating and keeping the robot alive is difficult in this world.
  6. Theres no need to become so hostile and use ad hominem attacks.Can you agree that conscioness has to do with logical computations? Or some form of logic that is aplied so specific input signals create specific output signals?
  7. Computers compute information. Thats what our brain does, thats what our computers do, thats litrally why they call it computers to begin with. Yes our brain is a computer, ut isnt by accident that our brains have such a complex network of neurons the same way our computers have such a complex network of transistors.You don't see the connection? The output signals that our brain sends to our muscles isn't higly correlated with the input signals of our senses by accident. The gray lump of mass in our head does something with those input signals.the same way that when you play a video game what
  8. Can we tell? Anwser is NoDoes it matter? Since the chance is so big if I where you I'd be really friendly to everybody and put a lot of money in charity. Thats like saying we can't proof a dissaster is going to happen but if the chance is really big its best to prepare yourself. Sure you can say, if we can't proof it then does it matter? But a lot of people will say, yeah of course it matters since there are significant reasons that it can happen.
  9. Actually you dont and just have the feeling you do.There isnt some magical cloud that pushes the electrons and particals in your head around. They simply all follow the laws of physics
  10. Lol not magical.No one knows whether we are the same person or not, but there is significant logic in that we are. Again I'm not sure what your doing on a philosphy forum when your only intrested inin things that can be proven right or wrong. Thats science Do you believe in free will? You also simply "do what you're told"
  11. are you the same person as your baby, but not the same person as your neigbours baby? If you awser yes, then you do have the feeling of this experiencer/self/person. Like Sam Harris says, most people have that feeling. Your on a philosophy forum, I don't think you'll come across many topics who are falsifiable. You do understand that brains are computers? Maybe not with the same 'technology' as our computers but brains have input signals which they need to processed so an appropriate output signal can be created. That’s literally what a computer does. Input, logically compute, output.
  12. I came to the incredible conclusion that we might all be the same person. I know that sounds absolutely ridiculous, but I promise you that conclusion is based in logic. 1 The apartments thought experiment. I am going to start with this thought experiment since it best visualizes the overall theory. It does not ‘proof’ the theory in any immediate way. However in the short chapters that follow, I will try to show that there might be no difference between this thought experiment, and how conscious life in universe works. The apartments thought experiment We have a drug which is
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