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  1. It depends on the social condition of public and country where the crime has committed .If the suspect has committed himself by murdering a child then the court will have sue death penalty due to trial. But for some countries (China ) rules are made by steel and they have no tolerance for suspects who broke the rule of community in an attempt of run drug deal or some sort of crimes that normally could not lead death penalty in most . But ıt always lead in most cases. My personal view : l do no think that in any way of punishing people will not help to solve the problems, on the contrary, it brings more negative influence in social life. We need a social communication in order to understand each others problem right before it is too late for our world.
  2. First of all, l believe in deism . I think this is the best explanation how evolution theory does still purify every lie they stated on religions. Beliefs have belonged to person and they are not usually for open minded people. Because there are many differences between beliefs and science. The only thing is still same for each item they made by wise leaders of their tribes. You could realize this from holy bibles and other religion books. Through to centuries, religions have found less important and unmeaningful from it followers as inventions taken more place than superstition. In this century the certain number of peoples are looking for in the way of being rich while a small number of wasting their time in church at every Sunday or other holy places (mosque ). The technology will terminate every last remaining effect of superstition on people life. People should believe whatever they want as long as they are not able to turn it out to be a threat for rest of people. The last worldwide attack which carried out by ısıs in my city İstanbul at Atatürk international airport. The attack resulted in 45 kills and more than half of those been wounded. Few peoples are still in an emergency. Actually, we have been used to live in case of a curfew that has been going since July 2015. That was the worst sample of how three maniacs far would go to gained their access to the heaven by killing so many innocent people. What we have done the deserve this ?So who will pay for this ? What caution we do have to take against Islamic extremists as long as we did in same thing at 500 years ago against crusaders ( After Constantinople had conquered by part of crusaders they were looted in large swath of the city most of people had killed in followed days. They killed Christians in case of ruling the city.) who had no different from ısıs or other terrorist organization. l wish l could see beautiful and peacefull days in my country and rest of the world when all bad effects of religion are completely removed from the earth. l know it is too long for read to this but thanks for interesting and greetings from Turkey.
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