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  1. Try to open .edb file in other version of MS Exchange Server, check backup copy of file in Exchange folders, another variant must be a Recovery Toolbox for Exchange Server, tool located on https://exchangeserver.recoverytoolbox.com/
  2. Yeah, fraps is the best, and as i know it works on Mac. My friend launched it without problems. IT is easy in using.
  3. I also put text data in NotePad, but such compression is great!
  4. Wow, great things. When I was teached in IT faculty we had taks easier than yours. But if you could do it, it would be inception of your professional career.
  5. It is good, because all what is connected with fascism must be removed from modern society.
  6. Hmm, I used some, but forget the names. But some of mentioned here I used to.
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