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  1. First of all, I apologize for reviving such an old thread, I recently got into fishing, and one of the recommended videos on youtube would always come up about electricity worm getters, now i've made my own attempt just last night after weeks of theorizing. I have failed, despite my search on the internet, not much result came up on the subject of earth worm and electricity sensitivity. I said to myself, people have better things to do than to test how sensitive organisms are to electricity. therefore, I turned my attention to this experiment. From what I've read and seen, most people use household 120v to shock the ground, and I also discovered there had been commercialized products that used the same principle, however there were too many accidents and they had to discontinue the product. My attempt was made with safety in mind. First I started off with a car battery that was fully charged, I then had 2 metal alloy bolts 12" long with about .5 ohms and stuck them in a moist grass patch that i watered down. I used booster cables to connect the battery to the two rods and started measuring. to my surprise, the earth around had a minimum of .5 v to 8 v depending on the distance between the the probes on the multimeter and the two bolts. there were no measurable current between any components on the circuit. The result didn't change much after I applied battery charger that gave off an current at 15v and 3.5 amps. No worms after 30 minutes, I then gave up. I have minimum understanding of resistance vs current and the potential difference. If anyone or OP can offer some insight, it would help me rest my mind. My next attempt will be in the rain, with the same equipment, and if that doesn't work, I'll move on to the 120v.
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