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  1. Maybe this can answer all questions.. It's very easy to prove that Einstein's relativity theory is wrong. All matter travles with the same speed! We all know what is a bicycle. You put some force on the padle of the bike and your bike will go forwart. True! Why do you go forward? This is because there is no differnce in the speed you turn the padle's and the speed you go forward. In fact, you go forward because all the elements of the bike and the wheel are standing still to eachother. If they really would move to eachother, you will lose a lot of energy and NOT going forward. See this in a larger concept with the tracks of an armytank, the track's do not move on the road, they are standing still. This is why the tank goes forward! The weheels do the same thing, they don't move to eachother, they are standign stil, to eachoter at every single moment. It is time what make's us going forward, not the wheel.
  2. Maybe this video will make any sence for you. I have the same ideas as you have..
  3. Someone tells me that the size of the universe could be at least 156 billion light-years wide. With an age of 13.7 billionyears how can this be possible? The matter would travel much faster then light in this case. ( and yes, I try to answer all question's, but I don't have all the answers. Nobody has.)
  4. Time stops at the speed of light. So where is the time for a photon to move?
  5. This topic is called pseudoscience and speculations. If I had my ideas in the correct scientific way I would not be posting here. I put this theiory here because I'm looking for people who can find himself in this ideas. Then the discussion should be how we can prove this? If I had the fomrule allready I would not ask this. I see the twinparadox as a prove for my theory. Time slows down at the speed of light, space is dilated to a zero point. Can there be movement then? Dimension is the name for the space/time where we are in exsiting, and I suggest that we have a speed trough time. How can you define the length or speed of a second? I'm posting here because I try to improve this theory, so I'm looking for suggestion's which can help me to make the theory better..
  6. While matter travels into the future, light leaves a trail of energy behind. So light can impact an other object, as long this object travels into time. All light comes from optional points in the future I guess. The vtweinparadox tells us that ime will stop at the lightspeed, isn't it? So I think there can not be any movement at all at lightspeed. In my opimnion movement is time. Try to see matter as a train traveling with a constant speed over the tracks, for every 300.000km it will count 0ne second of time. If the train slows down the second will last longer white the observer on the train can not measure this. Whgen the train reaches the speed of the track's it will stand still. There is no time and space at this point. When the train would put on the brake it will stand still, if it would go behind this point, it will travel backwards over the tracks. This is the same effect what we will see if we could go "faster" then light. You would look backards in time and see what you have done before. The point of going forward and backwards in time sounds for me like standing still. I can not prove this yet, but I try to open an new idea where the lightspeed is actually the speed of our own time.
  7. In theory you can use the twinparadox to prove this idea. I quess you know this paradox? Say my brother makes a trip trough space while I stay on planet earth. While I wait for 1 year for him to come back he comes back and is only 60 seconds older. The earth moves about 30km/sec trough space in a circle arround the sun, but the sun is moving asswel. So in fact you don't make a circle. He comes back and is only 60 seconds older. The maximum distance he was traveeling could not be more than 60sec x 300.000km/sec whitch is about 18.000.000km. Sinci I was traveling with 30km/sec during 1 year the distacne I was travelling was minimum 30km/sec x 1 year = 31.536.000sec x 30/sec = So, in fact my brother was moving slower trough space/time. If he woukld/could reach the absolute lightspeed he would be standing still in time and space. This is why I suggest that the lightspeed is the absolute minimum of time/space. I think that light is just a trail which leaves his source with the speed of matter.
  8. You can say that the duration of a second is iqual to 300.000km of light. I think that light itself is not moving but that this is just a trail witch we are leaving into the past time. So, while matter travels into the 4th dimension light is leaving a trail into the 3th dimension. The travel from the 3th tot the 4th dimenion happens in the "now", I see this point as the edge of the universe. I know that the speed of light we measure is a bit different then 300.000km/sec, but this is just a number. Since the lightspeed we measure is a constant speed we could call this speed simplyfied 1 lightsecond witch is the number for the speed of time. 299.792.458 m/s our 299.792.458 s/m is the same.
  9. Time is movement, the duration of a second is 300.000 lightkilometers.We travel trough time with 1sec/300.000km. Maybe this video will help you to understand what the speed of time is.
  10. We all live in our own "now". But "now" is a place in space and time. The distance between 2 people is like a timedifference between 2 diffeent frames. Since we all have about the same speed on planet earth we can use a regular clock for our daily things. After 20 years riding my bike my personal clock might be a littkle bit slower or faster then yours. Not a big deal. But as we think we travel trough space we actually travel trough time. I think that distances are time differences. When people are close to eachother there is a small timedifference between them. A long ditance tell's you that there is a large timedifference. And the velocity you have trough space time make's how long your second will last. For all there is one rule. 1sec allways needs 300.000km of spacetime to last. The speed of light is the speed of time. We travel trough the universe with 1sec/300.000km. We should put relativity upsite down.
  11. In the video I try to explain this. You can switch the sound of if you don't like the music.. We are used to say that we measure time in sec/sec. So I ask myself, how long take's a sec? Then I realize that a second alway last 300.000 lighkilometers. De duration of a second is made by the amount of time a mass needs to travel a specific distance. It's not without a reason that we count time in months, years. Also the duration of a second is made by the movement of planet earth. ( long time ago )
  12. Oke, but this crreation of newer element are happening in the "now". So I try to tell that this creation is the edge of the universe. And if there is an border at the universe, there should be 2 sites. My suggestion is that the "now" is the edge where we create the past. Creation could be the edge of the universe. And all is created biy older matter.
  13. There can not be a "wrong" in pseudoscience. That's why we call it pseudoscience. And yes, we can see things that are older then us, but in this universe all matter have the same age. My body is made of the same material wich I see now in a telescope as matter from the past. We are all made of stardust, isn't?
  14. Hello, I would like to introduce a new vision on space and time. My suggestion is that we are "now" on the edge of the universe and that the velocity of light is actually the speed of time. The best way to tell my idea is to watch this animation I made on youtube. I think that behind the edge of the universe there will be tomorrow. I would suggest that the speed of light is the absolute minimum of time and space. Light is just like a trail while we travel into the 4th dimension. Well, let's see what you think about this?
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