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  1. Better to use Sodium Hydroxide solution, then bubble the chlorine in. Weigh the solution of Hydroxide and keep an eye on the weight as you bubble the chlorine, aim for no more than 20% increase, then add the Acetone. That is a very short description, i dont recommend it and dont try and chlorinate Acetone directly.
  2. In a nutshell.......... Make sure it's what you really want then fight for it, if you dont get a PhD then you will have to be very very good and compete against others. You will have a disadvantage but only a small one, these days what really matters is skill and determination. Dont be afraid to take risks but be prepared to give it your all, as an example we take around 6 people a year on a 6 month contract and basically tell them there is 2 jobs available at the end of it. To make sure we get the best value for money we set our intake virtually impossible tasks, we are not looking for
  3. You might be better having several milk samples tested and see what the levels are, I have no idea what amount your wife takes but it may be low enough not to matter a great deal. Ultimately you will have to decide the risk versus benefit of breast milk compared to milk feeds taking into account the levels of the drug found in her milk. Are there other medications that might be more suitable for her at this time?
  4. I work for a UK Biotech R&D company, I agree with most of the above. However if you want it bad enough then fight for it , ALL of the researchers in my lab got there by not giving in. A few dont have PhD's so its not essential, however be prepared to do alot of the lacky work first . Its called experience . My take on modern research history. I started 30 years ago and spent 6 hours a day 4 days a week in the lab at the bench, I earned good money and around 12 hours a week paperwork filling 25 years ago I spent 4 hours a day 4 days a week at the bench, same moeny and around 20
  5. Ah I see what your trying to find out. In order to keep this short............... The claims are snake oil, as pointed out NO is only one pathway. IF there was any benefit the breathing NO directly during exercise would be better, DO NOT TRY IT!! The most likely direct answer however to your question is YES, coffee would offset NO and cancel it out, IF there was a balance to begin with. In reality most (just about all) of the supplement will be excreted before it is metabolized anyway. If you want a cheap exercise enhancing supplement try Aspirin (100mg) every other day, after making
  6. The answer is in spring time and Autumn . Think of why trees loose leaves and why growers of certain ' herbs' tweak light cycles
  7. you could also try http://www.blades-bio.co.uk/proddetail.asp?prod=LZB025they are in the UK and cheap. We have it but are unable to supply due to transfer restrictions (seems to be getting worse these days), shout me if you get stuck
  8. check your pipe work and such for solvent compatibility
  9. Hmm had a lecturer once upon a very long time ago, who said "Moderation in all things, except the quest for knowledge". shame he died from alcohol poisoning
  10. Get one of these http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41wo1%2B8TAcL._SY300_.jpg I will post a pic over the weekend how to set it up with a box and pc fan to control the flow of mist. then have the smoke lead into another tube from the bottom, the feed from the mister is fed into the top of that tube on one side, the other side at the top has the feed out of the tube into you smoker tube where you put whatever it is your smoking. The fine mist will filter the smoke, make sure you have a hole at the bottom of the mixer tube to let out the small amount of water and gunk that will form. If I ge
  11. What equipment do you have? In order to have any kind of validity you will need to at least be able to quantify the pesticides, I would lower the aim a little and go with TLC plates or adulterate the organic food with a known amount of the chemicals you are studying. This is a potential mine field regarding getting a license, so search the literature make sure you know the LC and LD50 of every chemical you intend to use. It could also get expensive as you will have to obtain chemicals from companies that can guarantee the purity etc (Sigma Aldrich etal), Which country are you in? Look at loca
  12. Red seaweed is best, you tend to get more of a soft algenate from kelp etc
  13. I might take some pics of the home lab, work lab would be out the question as I love my job too much! As for the mice..... When we have the need then its neck and glass rod every single time, not once in well over 30 years has it gone wrong. I am not a fan of CO2, then again looking back over my 30 odd years I would say we kill less than 0.1% of the numbers of mice that we used to. Hell most of the time everything is now modeled on a computer! I think its a good thing that we have developed techniques that often make using mice etc a thing of the past, but even now on occasion there is a
  14. Correct and fully endorsed. in times past it was often illegal to be non heterosexual, obviously this didnt mean that homosexuality didnt exist! But people went to extraordinary lengths to cover up their orientation. Things have changed and no longer do most people need to hide who or what they are, if you find people are noticing your orientation then this has nothing to do with genetics. As a species we can be very intuitive and pick up the most subtle hints of body language, after all this is how people get together! Your biggest problem is not genetic but one of excepting who you are
  15. First you have to have a distilling license in the UK, this is only considered if you distill over 1800 liters a year (I am not 100% sure on that number, but its high). So claiming back tax isnt an option on a small scale set up as it is technically illegal but somewhat complicated! Ethanol currently costs us £1.20 Ltr without duty. Methanol in an IBC works out much cheaper
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