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  1. Every type of electric thrusters used in space that i have seen ejects matter to move, even the ionic thrusters use xenom to move, fully electric thrusters exist?,
  2. Aparently fuel is one of the biggest problems with rockets and spaceships, because the most part of rockets are fuel tanks, could nuclear fuel be contained and used to accelerate spaceships using less space and more power?
  3. The plants can be harmed by some chemicals but they can be used to filter less toxic water(Rivers, lakes...), sewerage still needs special treatment but the most polluted rivers I know still have plants living next to it
  4. The only problem with first greenhouse apparently is the planting areas, one of them is not enough even to subsistence, the second one looks too complicated and expensive to be implanted in poor countries (Normally the ones that need more water).
  5. I was thinking about some type of greenhouse that could collect the water but it is too expensive to make one, using plants with atmospheric water generators could be much easier when there are new technologies, for now atmospheric water generators are too expensive to large scale production
  6. Some type of device or structure that can collect almost all the water from plants transpiration (For example in a garden) could be used as some type of "Filter" if you water the plants with non drinkable water(from rivers, lakes...). This method could be used to eliminate all the contaminants and pathogens from the water and still use the plants to generate food?
  7. Dinosaurs probably had feathers and the ones that survived evolved to the actual birds? Why they evolved to smaller animals?
  8. someone know where i can find agar to make agar plates to culture bacteria???
  9. probably you can buy from the site but normally microscopes come with the light
  10. Now I saw the water a lot of times again and the water is not totally deteriorated??? I can see parameciums in the bottom of the bottle but I cant see in the top of the bottle(where the bacteria is located).
  11. in the first week i only saw Paramecium aurelia and didinium in the second week i saw a lot of species of parameciums and didinium in the third week they started to disappear and now i can only see bacterias, i know now the water dont have growing conditions but anyone known the specie of this bacteria???
  12. Arqueobacterias the oldest bacteria that survive this things but those are hard to find Tardigrades can survive in the space but they are eukaryotes
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