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  1. It must be sure that the statistics has something to do with the contraction of continental plates, and also this proves to be an additional evidence for the formation of major portion of the continents as we see now from the massive volcanic eruption from Tibet, which I have illustrated in my article “Evolution of Himalaya and Tibet, and the Great Volcano”, which I have posted elsewhere in this forum. There it is concluded that the continental plates as we see now are formed from the massive lava flow from the great volcano, and the continental plates are free to move over the Earth crest (Ocean Floor), but the outer edges of the lava flow (ring of fire) might have got fused with the bottom layer of crushed and bend down Earth crest. These top plates are still getting cooled and at varying stress levels, trying to reach final equilibrium. During winter however, as major portion of continents are in northern hemisphere and will certainly get cooled faster and shrink faster causing enormous stresses to develop, finally resulting to earthquakes.
  2. Adding Details Some details and further clarifications for better understanding of the concept is prepared and can be read from the link shared below: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwLXWNjyXjnVZVNUYUhoaVRvU28/view?usp=sharing
  3. Welcome dear friend, There is some problem with uploading of the image of the crater, and the image of the crater of Great volcano can be viewed through the link shown below https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwLXWNjyXjnVX2pjY0psaDRMM0pWTWZrX3RubEI2TEhsUFln/view?usp=sharing The image of splashed lava on the ocean floor is shown as second image on page 6 of the attached article and the image can be viewed through the link shown as https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwLXWNjyXjnVbWcwZ29BZ1lDNGc/view?usp=sharing it is so massive having an extent of 2500km and a height of 2 to 2.5 km, and it must be splashed out from the Great volcano. Thank you
  4. Thank you Sir, for your valuable inputs and comments. The proposed volcanic activity can’t be fully linked or supposed to be linked to the theory of Plate Tectonics as this is entirely new theory/proposal. It’s true that what I have tried to illustrate through the paper is not a theory but the findings I come across while searching and exploring around for the facts and evidences of the theory of Plate Tectonics. Now in the case of Mars for example, Science has accepted visible evidences through satellite pictures to establish the presence of water, and I feel that the visible evidences from Google images giving global view is sufficient in a better way than going to minute details to find out the ways of formation of earth. Rock samples and soil structure research data of almost all Geographically important locations on Earth is now available, and only needed is to check whether we can fit or correlate these data with the proposed volcanic activity from Tibet and subsequent formation/re shaping of the continental plates. Formation of Deccan traps can be explained in a better way, through the Great volcanic activity. These mountain masses contain layers of metamorphic rocks, igneous rock boulders/rock mass of volcanic origin and top soil. These might had got carried away from the burst out crest during the initial explosions of the said volcano along with volcanic lava. The Western Ghats extents to the southern end of India and it is associated with small isolated hillocks, mountain folds– from the top of the Ghats to the sea shore - containing small to huge rock boulders of volcanic origin, some places mixed with sedimentary or metamorphic rocks. The occurrence of such widespread existence of volcanic boulders exposed/embedded in/mixed with soil mass of sedimentary or metamorphic origin leads to the inference that these rock and soil mass seems to had been fallen off from the Great volcanic eruption, and we have to keep in mind the magnitude of the eruption forming a crater of 1500km wide. The last picture of splashed out lava spread on the ocean floor is a proof to my argument as it extends to 2500 km and height of about 2.50km. Expeditions in this regard may be proposed to establish whether these mounts and the volcanic contents of the entire Western Ghats are from any localized volcanic activity throughout the Indian subcontinent or fallen off from somewhere else. However a positive approach, and sharing of ideas, knowledge and views from all, is invited in this regard to establish and understand the reality, which could help in predicting the future in a better way. Thank you.
  5. Thank you sir, I got those videos from youtube and are very informative. I think formation of Himalayas and Tibet can be linked and explained in a betteerway through the new theory. However I shall go through those research papers and share my views in this regard.
  6. Thank you sir, With my limited knowledge, I just tried to convey the evidences of Volcanic activity that had caused in the formation of continental plates, Tibet and the Himalayas. Further acceptance of the theory and linking the same with timeline of evolution of earth has to be done after detailed research and brainstorming debates. Further more the claim of said volcanic activity doesn't deny upliftment of Tethys ocean floor, as the same may had happened as part of volcanic activity.
  7. Evolution of Himalayas and Tibet, and the Great Volcano Here's an article on Evolution of Himalayas and Tibet and formation of the existing continental plates, which proposes some major twist in the existing theories regarding Plate Techtonics. It needs to be submitted before reputed Organizations or Scientists for open discussion, further exploration, approval and acceptance. The essence of the proposal can be quoted as "Himalayas and Tibetan Plateau was not formed due to the collision of the said plates but due to a huge and massive volcanic eruption and the entire Tibetan plateau is the huge Volcanic Crater formed due to the eruption. The Volcano was so massive that the lava had flown to the sea at a thickness averaging 4-5 kilometers, bending or crushing the then existed earth crust. The Lava had flown through the sides of the crater except through the Himalayan ranges and the Indian subcontinent had not got buried under the Volcanic Lava. The Himalayan Ranges is the South side of the volcanic crater and this portion had not been overtopped by the Lava from the eruption." for further reading of the full illustrative article use the following link Link to the file : - https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwLXWNjyXjnVV0M0NENZOTFrRFJTNzZCUzJYM2NQY1NDYXB3/view?usp=sharing
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