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  1. Basically, im trying to tinker with the math and physics behind the drive to make it more efficient. I have no way to actually do this, it is all theoretical. But anybody who likes theoretical physics is welcome C: A good paper is http://ntrs.nasa.gov/archive/nasa/casi.ntrs.nasa.gov/20110015936.pdf
  2. Hello, my name is Allen. I am working on a theoretical framework for the Alcubierre Drive. I am working in subjects like the warp metric, and the theoretical mechanics of objects with negative mass. I would like to know if anyone would wish to become a collaborator. Anyone with a substantial knowledge of physics is welcome. You can pm me if you wish.
  3. Pm me if you would like to know more.
  4. Depends, you are literally warping space, so in those warped areas, yes. In the bubble it creates, i do not think. Remember that negative mass is required for this drive. I am working on a theory for this if you are interested in more about how this works. c:
  5. Fields are created by charges and particles. For example, the Gluon and the Color Charge create the color field, which is the strong nuclear force.
  6. There are actually a few theories that predict proton decay via the Higgs Boson. The proton would have a half life of about 10^36 years though.
  7. A Tachyon is a particle that travels faster then the speed of light. It is hypothetical as it has not yet been discovered. They could not really do anything as they violate many laws of physics.
  8. You are correct. An atom is about 99% empty space, and i think the baseball stadium sized model is more accurate. Also, one string per particle. Hadrons are a broad category of quark composed particles. They contain Baryons (three quarks or four quarks and an anti-quark) and mesons(a quark and an anti-quark). So this means 3 or 5 strings per Baryon, and 2 per Meson.
  9. I am a theoretical/particle physicist, and this is one of my current projects. Similar to how mass curves spacetime, negative mass would expand space time, and along with negative mass comes negative energy, but the casimir effect is the only example, and negative mass is still eluding many physicists(including myself) who work in this subject.
  10. I can't think of five of the top of my head, but quantum gravity would count as one.
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