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  1. I'm sorry, i meant that those who force others to conform to their beliefs may have 'good' intentions, not 'god' intentions. i would never force anyone, but i would be very happy if people believed in what i do, as it has been beneficial for me. i mean that god doesn't directly make his presence felt, so some people question god. and we were given the ability to question things.
  2. I feel bad for those who want to control everything, especially what other people choose to believe in, but sometimes their intentions can be god. As for me, i would only tell you that god is true, and he is the true answer, but i would never force anyone because god gave freewill.
  3. I just want to say, there are those that are proud to be atheist, and if you ask them why, they mention god or not believing in god. if you're not a fan of football, you don't call yourself 'afootballist', you don't go to great lengths to discuss god, and why you don't believe in god. Because whether or not you believe in god, he is important.
  4. i believe in god, i think there is no good or evil if we didn't know god, it gives me hope, and a reason to live. god will not disappear because we all know about the concept of god, we all think about it, even atheists do, because not believing in god is often central to what makes them atheist.
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