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  1. actually, that's the point of a quark. there's no known way to divide a quark, since it's literally the smallest known (well, not actually known, just theorized) constituent of matter. however, we used to think that atoms were the smallest particles, so you might just be ahead of the times. stick to your truth, buddy. it might just be proven right someday actually, the beautiful thing about the mysterious nature of the universe is that its edges might be the inside of a rubber ball sitting on a child's desk. or they might not exist, or they might still be becoming. it's also why trying to understand it could either be the most beautiful riddle or the most terrible truth
  2. We can't look at this mathematically or scientifically. This is purely emotional. It's hope. People need hope to know that everything they work for is for something. For some this means the promise of heaven, and for others it means love from God. People need a reason to live, and religion is the most common and arguably the most binding of all reasons. Almost everyone can understand religion. If you can't read or write or see, you can still feel. You can feel the enormity of the universe. And a great binding force called God explains all of this enormity. People have to hope that they aren't just a grain of sand in an ocean. I need that too. And so I tell myself that I was made from stardust, and that I'll become stardust. And that's my place in the Before and the After of my existence. If that's called Heaven and the universe is called God, then that's my religion.
  3. I'm Alexandra, and I'm a 17 year old aspiring nuclear/astrophysicist. Long story short, I was accepted on a partial scholarship to an all-girls school in 9th grade in the hopes of furthering my education. My family lost everything last year and we fell into debt with the school. Unless we pay it off, they wont even release my transcripts and I cant graduate. My sister started this campaign to help me, and with every penny raised I have more hope that I can graduate high school and attend college. Please, PLEASE, if you can donate a dollar, do. Im not past begging at this point. I just want to graduate. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. The fund is link removed
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