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  1. Where would an electrophilic aromatic substituion most likely occur in this molecule? I assumed the ether is activating through resonance, and thus ortho/para directing. I am confused as to whether the methyl group or the ether is more activating, but I guessed that the EAS would occur at carbon A because that ring has more electron density than the other ring due to the methyl group (more stable carbocation). Is my logic correct or did I get this question wrong?
  2. In the picture, will carbon 4 or carbon 6 appear more downfield on a C13 NMR spectrum. They are both one carbon away from a nitrogen, I am guessing 4 but I have no logical reason for this answer. Thanks for the help
  3. If you're doing a dihybrid cross you don't need to draw a whole punnett square for probability. Break it up into two monohybrid crosses then multiply the probability of both. You can do this with any size cross. So if you're doing AaBb x AaBb and want to find the prob. of AABB. Do Aa x Aa and find the prob of AA which would be 1/4. Do Bb x Bb and find the prob of BB which would be 1/4. Multiply the probabilities. 1/4 x 1/4 = 1/16 prob of AABB. Here's what it looks like visually but you don't need to draw it out because it takes much longer. http://updatecenter.britannica.com/eb/image?binaryId=775&rendTypeId=4 This is a simple monohybrid cross, even though I assume you already know. http://media-2.web.britannica.com/eb-media/74/774-004-DFEB8A50.gif All you really need to know is that a gene is inherited and codes for a protein, which could be responsible for hair color, eye color, and other phenotypes. Each individual can only have two alleles (variants) of a single gene. So if hair color is a single gene, the alleles for it would be black, blue, blonde, brown etc. But one person can only have two alleles, for example black and brown. There isn't much genetics on the AP Bio test. It's won't be hard if this is the only thing you've had trouble with. I got a 5 on it and didn't stress myself too much over anything.
  4. idk guess he was lying. Hep D is older than 2008.
  5. The answer was Hep B with Hep D satellite. So I got it right.
  6. Mitosis is just the cell dividing, differentiation is when the cell alters the expression of different genes so it can be dedicated to some specific function.
  7. I narrowed it down to schistosomiasis, malaria, or hepatitis. I'm leaning towards Hepatitis D, which requires Hepatitis B to replicate. That would explain the different RNAs, and the one foreign DNA. Hepatitis B is a DNA virus that makes RNA intermediates, and Hepatitis D is a circular RNA virus. The recurrence of the symptoms after dormancy should also mean that it should be a virus instead of a bacteria. None of these seem like big news in 2008 but they're the only ones that had a good match-up of the symptoms.
  8. I thought it might be avian bird flu since it's written that it's a fairly recent pathogen and is also prevalent in Thailand. However, the neurodegenerative symptoms don't match up. Could anyone help me make a diagnosis?
  9. yes, it does defeat the purpose, i don't know why i did it...guess i just wanted to get a high number. that was very noobly of me.
  10. John, what are your parents heights? I am having the same problem as you right now. I am 16 and i am only 5' 6" even though my genetic potential is 5' 9.5", my height has remained constant for the past eight months; my 14.0 year old bro is even taller than me. Height is predominantly determined by genes but nutrition, exercise, and amount of sleep affect it greatly too. Maybe these will answer your question. http://www.scienceforums.net/forums/showthread.php?t=9169 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Growth_hormone http://www.scienceforums.net/forums/showthread.php?t=9425 http://www.unu.edu/unupress/food2/UID06E/uid06e18.htm
  11. Oh, this is too damn funny. Type in "failure" and see what site it goes to.
  12. Ok, can anyone explain why when I type in "s" or "a" just by themselves in the address bar, why firefox goes to random websites? If I type "s", for example, and click enter it goes to the mcdonalds website. If i type "a" it goes to apple's website... so can somebody explain how this works?
  13. i did not read the whole thread because it was too long. but basing on what was said from the first few pages, i do not think being an "empath" is actually a problem. I do the same thing, i always try to go in to another person's perspective when watching a movie and i know how they feel, by i do this by my own voluntary will, its not uncontrollable, i do it on purpose because i want to know what it actually feels like for them, and how being in a certain scenario would feel like.
  14. Outbreak, its about Ebola or something. 28 Days Later. Gattaca. (im not sure if that's spelled right)
  15. 1. How am i supposed to found out how much of a certain molecule is needed to neutralize another molecule? ie. "How many milliliters of .400 M KOH will neutralize 25 mL of .600 M H2S04?" 2. How do i find out the molarity and concentration of a molecule in a solution? 3. What salt is produced from the reaction of H2SO4 and KOH? ("is it K2SO4?") Thanks for your replies. If you are going to reply...
  16. YT: I guess if it happens right after you sneeze, then the flashes of light must be some things coming from you mouth, like particles of phlegm or something, it would get in your eye sort of like how people squirt milk out of their eyes.
  17. yeah, the article said that people who had schizophrenia had larger or smaller amylgadas (depending on gender). So i wanted to know if that meant their amygada size had changed or if it was like that at birth, which would show a sign of future schizophrenia? And i'm asking this question for a stupid reason, it's because i think one part of my brain is enlarged, but i don't have any sickness.
  18. I was reading a Scientific American magazine yesterday on the brain differences between men and women. One of the differences was in the size of the amlygada, men's are larger than women's. Yet, they said schizophrenics had sizes of the amylgada that were contradictory to most of their findings. So, this made me question if schizophrenia can be acquired or if you are born with it? If it is acquired, does this mean that the sizes of certain areas in the brain can change, whether voluntarily or involuntarily?
  19. What relevance does that have to this thread?
  20. If he is sleeping and is just acting out on his dream. how does he know exactly where his computer or cell phone is if he has his eyes closed. How would he remember the exact way to move the mouse to get to AOL IM or something?
  21. Well, then what is it that makes Insulin-like growth factor "like" insulin.
  22. Maybe in Australia violence isn't as much shown in television as it is in America. In developing nations, "shootings" may not happen because they lack guns to carry out these shootings. I would also account ethnic diversity on violence; there aren't many other developed nations with the amount of diversity the U.S. has.
  23. I read that article in New Scientist. They said he was going to put light beams facing in different directions and try to measure any difference in speed, which would be supposedly be due to the ether. I don't know of any other experiments to test it's existence.
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