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  1. That model is Relativity. It is the most well proven theory we have. If you watched the videos you would have seen that the block universe is also compatible with QM. It's possible relativity is wrong. It's possible pink unicorns exist. Congratulations you realized we don't know everything. Your argument brings nothing to the table. P.S. I've seen you on here many times before. Every time someone disagrees you start crying about them being a cyber bully. You need to grow up. You are a liar, a fraud, and a crackpot . That is what bothers me. Note: I did not accuse Michael and sensi of anything. Migl accused me of referring to them. I am simply responding to insults directed at me by Migl.
  2. It now appears you are simply posting long posts in an attempt to bury the arguments put forth by professional scientists. (Not just those who claim to have degrees while offering no proof). At some point you must present a theory that is better then our best theory. So far all you have done is say "Relativity makes some predictions. My theory makes some predictions. Neither are 100% proven therefore both are equally as good." That's not going to cut it. These physicists are professors at prestigious universities. Einstein, Russel, Penrose, and many other highly accomplished physicists have supported the block universe view. You are simply a internet commenter. Neither you nor I know everything about the subject. This is why it is best to listen to the professionals and not the opinion of some internet commenter pushing "fringe" theories.
  3. Once again you are resorting to the method mentioned in the previous post.
  4. They are pet theories by non physicists such as yourself. Your argument comes straight off the wikipedia page for politicization of science. "Researcher William R. Freudenburg and colleagues have noted that where decisions and action are required, science can offer valuable degrees of certainty, however, it can never offer a guarantee.[4] John Horgan describes how this point is sometimes intentionally ignored as a part of what he calls an "Orwellian tactic".[5] Organizations sometimes seek to shift all discussion on some issues away from 'conclusions are most scientifically likely' to 'even the more probable conclusion is still uncertain.' Chris Mooney has claimed these tactics are used to gain more attention for views that have been undermined by scientific evidence. In his view, the media ends up in a misguided pursuit of "balance" which results in undue weight in reporting."
  5. These are you tube videos explaining the subject from string theorist Brian Green and theoretical physicist Sean Carroll. Most physicists believe we live in a block universe. Some uneducated internet trolls may disagree. They often use arguments such as "physics doesn't know everything therefore my theory is just as good." It isn't. That is why physicists don't use their theories. It is best to listen to the professionals.
  6. The principia was written specifically to ensure that the the set of all sets was not included in itself. Godel's proof was written specifically for the principia. Obviously his proof would not have worked had it such a requirement. Godel's proof applies to ZFC. I'm sure you could find some crackpot "set theory" Nobody cares about your crackpot "set theory". Lets just be honest for a minute. You have no interest in telling the truth. You come on the various science sites with your numerous sockpuppets. Michael12345, md65536, tar, mrintelligentdesign, sillybilly, dadoulous, loislane, etc. You have proven time and time again you are willing to say whatever is necessary to "prove" we live in a ten thousand year old intelligently designed, geocentric, LET universe. When someone corrects you they are met with your standard response. "Your wrong because (insert word salad, lies, strawman, accusations of bullying and corruption, etc.)" YOU came on the internet speaking about the truth. You should not be surprised when someone shows up to tell it. Should I be a liar like you? Should I play along with your games? Should I act like there is meaning to your lies and word salads? Of course not. There are students who come to these sites in hope of finding legitimate information. Instead they get a multi-sockpuppet troll claiming to be a University professor. Perhaps you should consider your other thread before you taddle to the moderators like you did last time. http://www.scienceforums.net/topic/91433-why-im-here/
  7. This is completely wrong. You are just making a fool of yourself with this ridiculous nonsense.
  8. Nice try Michael, In the rest frame [math]\tau=t[/math] [math]x^0=ct[/math] for the rest frame [math]U^0= dx^0/d\tau =cdt/d\tau=c\gamma[/math] Cancelling out the c's [math]dt/d\tau=\gamma[/math] Because we are in the rest frame [math]\gamma=1[/math] and [math]\tau=t[/math] You are saying the speed of time is one second per second. a sec per sec is not a rate. Typically [math]dt/d\tau[/math] is considered the rate of time dilation.
  9. Your absolutely right. I'm the unstable one. Just as you say.
  10. 1. My previous calculations already showed global time is not used for the speed of light. If you could count you would see that for frame 1 light was emitted at t=1it reached b at t=2 time of travel 1. For frame 2 it was emitted at t=.57735 and reached b at t=1.1547 time of travel=.57735. If global time was used the time would be the same for both observers. My calculations show time was not the same for both observers contradicting your unfounded claims. The same is true for distance. 2. In response to your nonsense about frames inside of frames. We do not see the universe picture in picture. We do not see other frames within our own. My math already showed the math works. If you disagree then post a Minkowski diagram done the correct way along with your calculations. Do not respond with another word salad. 3. Conventionality of simultaneity says you can choose a convention within a certain limit. Einstein made his choice. If you wan't to use relativity then you have to deal with his choice. If you don't want to use relativity then choose another convention. You can't say "You can choose but you can't make a choice because that would be a contradiction." Einstein made his choice. Everyone who isn't a crackpot agrees with his choice. If you don't like it then choose something else. I will not respond to another one of your word salads. I have wasted far too much time on you and all your sock puppets. ( please do not steal Facebook photos. It is immoral.)
  11. Apparently you forgot to cite the paper you posted on vixra back in 2013.http://www.scienceforums.net/topic/80668-sr-with-apparent-simultaneity/ This is just getting weird.
  12. It turns out this idea is quite popular among young earth creationists. No surprise here. http://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Anisotropic_synchrony_convention
  13. Fine I'm tired of responding to your crackpot garbage.
  14. Nope The transformation I wrote was: This is not a rotation. Contradicting your statement " It is just a rotation of the axes that shows a velocity boost. " One can represent the lorentz transformation as a hyperbolic rotation by setting: [math]\gamma = cosh\phi[/math] [math]\beta = tanh\phi[/math] You stated " The transformation you described correspond to the image on the right." The transformation I described does not correspond to the picture on the right. The picture is represented by the transformation: [math]\begin{vmatrix}x'\\t'\\\end{vmatrix}=\begin{vmatrix}cos\theta&sin\theta\\-sin\theta&cos\theta\\\end{vmatrix}\begin{vmatrix}x\\t\\\end{vmatrix}[/math] I stated the Minkowski diagrams are simplified pictures used to help amateurs visualize relativity. They are no replacement for the mathematical equations. The diagrams you posted are not even the most accurate versions. Instead you should use something like this. What's next? Will you argue that general relativity is wrong because the below image is contradictory. It has become clear who the troll is.
  15. The boost is a rotation free lorentz transformation. The lorentz transformation as a hyperbolic rotation is: [math]\begin{vmatrix}ct'\\x'\\\end{vmatrix}=\begin{vmatrix}cosh\phi&-sinh\phi\\-sinh\phi&cosh\phi\\\end{vmatrix}\begin{vmatrix}ct\\x\\\end{vmatrix}[/math] This transformation is also a linear transformation. Nope, the the transformation corrosponding to the image on the right is: [math]\begin{vmatrix}x'\\t'\\\end{vmatrix}=\begin{vmatrix}cos\theta&sin\theta\\-sin\theta&cos\theta\\\end{vmatrix}\begin{vmatrix}x\\t\\\end{vmatrix}[/math] The Lorentz transformation is the transformation which is depicted in a Minkowski diagram. The Lorentz transformation is a linear transformation. It is becomming clear that you are just throwing around big words to create the illusion you know what you are talking about.
  16. 1. I could have just as easily done a Lorentz transformation from the ground frame to the train frame. 2. The Minkowski diagram is just a simplified picture intended to make relativity easier for the amateur to understand. If you are using these pictures to perform your "calculations" then that is your problem. 3. What are you talking about? It is you who is using an absolute time. You claim we should only use the frame of the train and warp all other frames to fit this preferred frame. 4. Can you even count? person on train: flashes occur at (1,1) and (1,3) both flashes reach person on train at (2,2) person on ground: flashes occur at (.57735,.57735) and (-.57735,2.88675) both flashes reach person in train at (1.1547,1.1547)
  17. In the train example the speed of light is the same in both directions for the person on the ground and the person on the train. Let us say for the person on the train the flashes happen at the same time. c is set to 1 and the person on the ground is moving at .5 c with respect to the person on the train. person on train: flashes occur at (1,1) and (1,3) We are using (t,x) both flashes reach person on train at (2,2) speed in direction 1= [math] d/t=c[/math] speed in direction 2=c Lorentz transformation from (t,x) to (t',x') [math]\begin{vmatrix}t'\\x'\\\end{vmatrix}=\begin{vmatrix}\gamma&-\beta\gamma\\-\beta\gamma&\gamma\\\end{vmatrix}\begin{vmatrix}t\\x\\\end{vmatrix}[/math] [math]\beta=.5[/math] [math]\gamma=1.1547[/math] person on ground: flashes occur at (.57735,.57735) and (-.57735,2.88675) both flashes reach person n train at (1.1547,1.1547) speed in direction 1=c speed in direction 2 =c
  18. Where did they get this absolute clock capable of measuring absolute time? Declaring two clocks the same is not equal to a universal time the same for all.
  19. The argument appears to go like this: We can measure the two way speed of light but we can't measure the one way speed. Conventionalists argue that we should assume the one way speed can be anything as long as the round trip adds up. c can be faster in one direction and slower in the other direction. They argue that the speed of light can be infinite in one direction as long as the round trip time adds up. They reject that space is isotopic. A decent explanation can be found in 8-9 here. http://www.pitt.edu/~jdnorton/teaching/HPS_0410/chapters/significance_3/index.html
  20. If one chooses an epsilon other then 1/2 then they will get odd-ball results. c in one direction will be different then c in another direction. A ruler moving in one direction will be a different length then a ruler moving in another direction. In the train example you further screw things up by choosing 1/2 in one frame and other then 1/2 in the other frame. You claim this is necessary when it isn't. We can use 1/2 in both frames and describe the flashes as simultaneous in one frame and not simultaneous in the other These odd-ball results may add up in a odd-ball way but why use them? Malament claims you can only use 1/2. I have not read his paper. Using 1/2 and choosing the train's frame doesn't amount to an absolute time that must be the same for all. The time would be the same for all traveling the same velocity as the train.
  21. The characters per minute on post #27 are off the chart. You should compete in the world speed typing championship!
  22. I actually said a flowing universal now would have to move or flow through time. The time you are referring to is often called cosmic time. I discussed it in post 40 and later in this thread: http://www.scienceforums.net/topic/88836-is-there-a-common-moment-of-now-throughout-the-universe/
  23. Wrong again. "The study of the PSR B1913+16 binary pulsar also led to the first accurate determination of neutron star masses, using relativistic timing effects.[2] When the two bodies are in close proximity, the gravitational field is stronger, the passage of time is slowed – and the time between pulses (or ticks) is lengthened. Then as the pulsar clock travels more slowly through the weakest part of the field it regains time." I am sure you will respond with more lies and babbling nonsense. Don't bother. You are only embarrassing yourself. You have made it clear you have no problem telling intentional lies with the purpose of misleading others about science. I don't know what your motivation is. I don't care. Nobody is taking your lies seriously. Why bother?
  24. The same dictionary also confuses topology with topography.
  25. I believe the word you are looking for is topography.
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