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  1. Math Games

    Hi, Does anybody know good math games like 2048? PS, these games should not be for children. Spent a hour on Google but all I found were either boring games or games for children. Regards, Nuur
  2. is math a language?

    Maths is not a language. A language is something that expresses human communication, their expressions, what they want to say.. Anything that gives out numeric values and symbols as a result of an equation - therefore I would very vehemently say that maths is NOT a language.
  3. Please be a little more elaborative.
  4. Why Predatory Journals Aren't to be Trusted

    You know journals (however good or bad they are) are the key to breaking new scientific grounds. In a country like ours (Pakistan), we realize that lack of journals and their availability makes it very difficult to keep yourself up to date with the latest stuff.
  5. Fun game/puzzle: Stump the clever bot

    ^ LOL you sure were persistent.
  6. Black and white illusions

    Why is the Brain Teasers and puzzles section so inactive? :/
  7. Stretch your mind - a litle bit of fun

    What property is color then? How do we decide which property (physical or artistic or another) takes precedence?
  8. If I can imagine it, it is possible!

    I think human imagination is limitless but ability is very limited so "If I can imagine it, it is possible" is not true in my opinion.
  9. Black and white illusions

    Really cool. The first one looked like animation at first where the heartbeat makes flowing wave-like display.
  10. Stretch your mind - a litle bit of fun

    More blue than spherical. Blue color has more variants, 100s of shades, so it can be any of them. While spherical shape has less variety. So I might be making it too simple but that in my book is "more blue than spherical.
  11. Science Forums Etiquette

    What I find annoying is that when I post a comment and then a couple of hours later I have extra info and I go there to comment again on the same thread but the two posts are shown as combined, which doesn't make much sense.
  12. Fun game/puzzle: Stump the clever bot

    "User: Are you stumped? Cleverbot: No. User: You are stumped. Cleverbot: Yes, are you? User: No. Cleverbot: Why, because you're jealous?" ROFL!!!
  13. Worldwide water shortage by 2040

    My father told me that they said the same about year 2000 in the 60s and 70s. But water crises are getting serious and we must do something about them.
  14. We are star dust from all corners of the universe

    Early expansion of the universe was caused when universe was just a tiny stone sized element. Then it expanded and within a matter of fractions of a second, it was huge and still growing. So your theory can be deemed scientifically correct in a way that we all, everything in the entire universe, all the galaxies combined; we come from that tiny spec which was the size of a pebble.
  15. The Enigmatic Giant

    I will say you will strangle me with your bare hands. This way the It would create a paradox: He strangles me if I lie, but if he will strangle me than what I am saying is not a lie. He will kill me with sword if I am telling the truth, but since I said he will strangle me, that cannot be the truth either.