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  1. For which problem are you talking about? If its the spring capacitor one, we think we got the answer. Answered it from an energy standpoint. The original electric potential energy of the capacitor is equal to the springs potential energy at the end. Were pretty confident with what we got. So it comes down to just the dialectric one. He asks what forces act on the sheet. Isnt there only one, the force between each plate of the capacitor and the polarized dialectric sheet?
  2. Alright will do next time. Anyways, we figured out the hypercube part. Its kind of hard to write out what we have...
  3. Hi, we are in Physics 202 and working on a few problems that we cant solve. We had a BUNCH of people working together and cant seem to get any of these. Q1- Consider a parallel plate capacitor with area A, and seperation D. A large insulation sheet is inserted between the plates. It has dialectric constant K. 1) What force acts on the sheet if the voltage is kept constant? 2) What force acts on the sheet if the charge is kept constant? 3) How does the sheet affect the energy of the capacitor for 1)? 4) How does the sheet affect the energy of the capacitor of 2)? Q2- 2 metal pla
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