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  1. Electromagnetic induction Magnetic induction Magnetic induction I believe is used for transformers Electromagnetic induction is used for antennas/sending em radiation signals and EMP devices etc
  2. Is this basically how Wardenclyffe Tower was suppose to work
  3. Does a neutron emit/produce radiation like charge particles do when they accelerate? I assume they produce or have some sort of thermal energy since nothing is at absolute zero
  4. I am going to attempt to make my own circuit using a printed circuit board I was looking for soldering irons on-line and they have it classified as such -heavy duty soldering iron -medium duty soldering iron -light duty soldering iron and also they have different wattages which i do not understand its benefit or disadvantages (30w, 120w etc)
  5. that is practical and is not near the speed of light (because then i need to transform equation) please insert beginning and ending velocity and find acceleration for it thanks
  6. I would like to find the acceleration of an electron moving in a straight line from a point a to point b
  7. What are the limitations of lamor's equation for finding the power emitted from a charge formula --> P = (2/3) * (q^2 * a^2/c^3) q = charge a = acceleration c = speed of lightt I was also told that lamor's equation must be "transformed" in order to find the amount of power emitted from a charge moving close the speed of light (something about relativity) - so how does one "transform" this equation for relativity The information i got was from this link, it is pretty simply to understand http://www.cv.nrao.edu/course/astr534/LarmorRad.html
  8. Letter "v" with a dot on top of it? I was told it means acceleration but not sure why or if correct
  9. The formula I am using says that it is a non-relativistic equation and to calculate velocities near the speed of light I have to transform it somehow to make it relativistically accurate (something like that)
  10. So is an electromagnetic pulse just electromagnetic induction? like how transformers work....?
  11. electron-positron annihilation is the only way for an electron to completely release all of its rest energy/mass and what i mean is that rest energy/mass never change, but relativistic mass/energy refers to a rest mass that is in motion, the added kinetic energy is what refers to its relativistic mass i think (something like that)..... so is it only the kinetic energy and ONLY the kinetic that is converted to radiation to change rest energy/mass to radiation requires a anti-particle/matter equal in quantity etc?
  12. A charge emits in radiation what it has as its relativistic mass, rest energy of particles never change, only with its anti-particle?
  13. And how does it work Here is what I am referring to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electromagnetic_pulse it doesn't talk about devices which utilize electromagnetic pulse but I think I saw in a movie where it was used to disable alot of electronic devices. does that have any truth to it in reality?
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