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  1. Wow the reply's have gotten better. I can tell some of you actuality put some thought into your responses. Thank you Mr. Kang for viewing my post. Ichill I do not know where we are. Your guess is as good as mine, but if I had to guess I would say on the stage in the best Imax movie you'll ever see. The thing most fail to realize is, that it matters not what we think the universe will do what it will do. If this theory is so wrong why is it being shown to children? While we're asking questions what would Mr. Jack Parsons think of my imagination? Or his good friend Aleister Crowley? What parallel on the moon did we land? Why did we land there, and not anywhere else? Who's symbol is that on the back of the dollar bill anyway? Fact of the matter is there are bigger fish further up the food chain that like my idea. There is a program running, ever heard the term "get with the program?" I will leave now I have done my part. I wish you well on your journeys. http://youtu.be/jqALdkTArqs
  2. Yes we have a winner! Funny thing about our English language is I can spell witch, whichever way I chose, your brain gets the point dose you no what I mean. Your brain is able auto correct the wrong information into the correct version so that you the reader is better able to understand what you are reading. I am an audio visual person, I learned more from a video explaining math, or science, then I ever did reading about it. Something very interesting occurred to me about mathematics. It is only a language just like English. 2 + 2 = 4 ONLY because we say it does, we could've just as easily said 2 + 2 = 8. This is the foundation science is built on. I have often heard it said a picture is worth a thousand words. How much is a song worth, or a movie? Next time you hear a song on the radio listen to it. Do not just hear the music or the words but listen to what the song is about. Next time your looking for a movie to watch realize what the movie is about. Something I have come to realize is, that there are a lot of music, and movies that talk a lot about the issues I bring up in my post. Why is that, what is the universe trying to tell mankind? Jung said that because man invented the atom bomb we must use it, and we did. Why? Whats up with all the zombie stuff? Who are the zombies?
  3. Hello Ophiolite, I think the only one emotional and unable to think clearly is you. I do not think you are the expert in bullshit you claim to be. Any true bullshit expert knows that the last thing you do when you see bullshit is step in it! Phil had enough and I did not post the email address for him. I knew your where out there somewhere I now I found you:) It is a filter you see for people just like you. Question: Did you chose to be born, or where you put here? I do not think you realize where you are at , who I am, and who you are. A true expert in bullshit can smell a fellow bullshit expert a mile away, and Ophiolite I smell you from here. You smell scared;)
  4. Phil you continue to say what I think is wrong. You say that you know a lot more about how thought works then I realize, yet you cant seem to figure me out. The thought police would think they know more about thought or they wouldn't be the thought police would they? What you call peer review I call group herd mentality. I'm not trying to "run new pipes" quantum mechanics was discovered in the 1920s, and science has been banging its head on them ever since. I have proven my case and will continue to do so. You on the other hand have only offered your opinion as to why you think I am wrong. Show me the money Phil, let me see your proof that will set me straight once and for all. As for the whole cesspool thing, you do not see on the thread not because Science Forums.net took it off, but because whoever sent it did not have the courage to post it. I just wanted people to realize just how far some people will sink when something they do not like is presented to them. They sent it to my email, which is fine and in fact I would prefer it be done like that anyway. In life if you start an argument you never win, on the other hand if you never start the argument you will always win, but you probably already knew that. This is not Facebook, if you wish to continue this Facebook style conversation just email me your onions at paidto96@yahoo.com and I will return in kind. If on the other hand you have some new scientific knowledge to prove or disprove my theory please post it that's why we are here!
  5. I have been as respectful as the opinions have allowed. I posted in the Philosophy section because it deals with god and such, and the TOE is just that The Theory Of Everything. As far as proof, it is quantum mechanics. Science likes to look at the painting one brush stroke at a time. All I did was step back and get the big picture. You are correct in the sense that this is technically a theory, because none of us really understand thought and how it works so really we can never truly know anything. It's like saying water is water doesn't help much. With that said I have offered videos with vast amounts of proven science and mathematics backing up my theory. Like I said I am not here to explain quantum mechanics brush stroke by brush stroke. I came to the science forum with the hopes that the reader would already "know how to paint." If that is not you then maybe this post is not for you. I am very much interested in further developing my theory with someone who knows how to paint. I am not interested in arguing someone, who in the end will never get it because their own personal hang ups will not allow it, and forces them to react with a knee jerk reaction saying this belongs in a cesspool. What is not to like about the cosmic background radiation pictures? I will not be brow beat by anyone just because you do not agree does not mean it is not true. Last time I checked there was over 150 views on this post and 6 replies from moderators only! People are afraid to reply because the thought police might get them. Be a good moderator look, listen, and learn. Now that is an opinion and it does nothing to further my theory.
  6. Spooky: Sinister or ghostly in a way that causes fear and unease. eerie, sinister, ghostly, uncanny, weird, unearthly, mysterious; frightening, spine-chilling, hair-raising; creepy, scary, spine-tingling "Spooky action at a distance" I do not think I could have named it better myself.
  7. At this time I would like to thank any at Science forums.net working behind the scenes to keep this post active. I am aware of the touchy nature of my post and mean no disrespect. I know some might take offense to my post and would like nothing more then to see it deleted. At this time I would also like to thank ACG52 (http://www.scienceforums.net/user/69731-acg52/) for reading my post. I would also like to remind ACG52 (http://www.scienceforums.net/user/69731-acg52/) that "this belongs in a cesspool" is only an opinion that you are entitled to
  8. How does the Shaman make rain...? If you read and understood any of my theory, you would know how the Shaman made it rain. I am not here for money and do not care about the million dollar reward, nor does any other Shaman. It rained all day yesterday where I live. How about where you live? This is the Philosophy section of the science forum, there is over five hours of proven science in my post, which you would know if you watched any of it. All our disappointment in life comes from our own expectations...Quit expecting life to be a certain way, and you will never be disappointed when it's not. AFAIK says it best as far as you know...Have you had enough or shall I continue?
  9. Mckenna's theory is sound. Where he went wrong was trying to pin it down to a specific date in time. Quantum mechanics refuses to be pined down or in.
  10. I understand asking questions and in fact I encourage them. The videos I posted may have answered the very question you wanted answered, or not and you could've asked and I would of tried to explain. As for reason, only you can help yourself in that department. Thanks for reading anyway
  11. You are mixing up understanding with knowing. Scientist understand how weather works, a Shaman knows how weather works, and can make it rain. The Shaman is the rain. You are correct in the sense that I do not understand quantum mechanics, I know them....Do you? Did you even watch the video I posted? No you did not because I posted it three hours ago and the video is 3.5 hours long. Thank you for your opinion
  12. Particles that move faster then the speed of light.
  13. Choices and consequences. I prefer choice and outcome because who is to say what is consequence? If someone is dumb enough to stick a penny in a light socket, well I guess they needed to be electrocuted. Maybe Darwinism at it's best?
  14. What if we are in an infinitely large black hole? Science works by proving it's self wrong.
  15. What if said "crackpot" had the ability to imagine something that is inconceivable yet logical? Einstein thought it inconceivable that the universe was not set. He could not except the fact that the moon is only the moon when observed. I think your an "Einstein" you think you know it all, but in the end your own ignorance blinds you to the truth. The only thing that is certain is change, everything else is temporary including scientific fact. Sorry This just came to me and I must post it. All great thinkers are "crackpots" the rest just fallow. I'm sure many thought Isaac Newton a "crackpot" good day.
  16. The universe has an edge it is not infinite. /www.google.com/search?q=cosmic+background+radiation+picture&client=firefox&hs=xII&rls=com.yahoo:en-US:official&channel=sb&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=EI6bU-uxKIqqyAS4n4HoBg&ved=0CBwQsAQ&biw=1920&bih=915
  17. Ignorance nothing more, nothing less. Everything else is speculation and by they way things are going we're not gonna make it! Quick Scotty we need more we're only going warp 4!
  18. What are you doing with your imagination? Are you using your imagination imagining some made for TV future reality, or some new invention to get rich? Or are you using your imagination for the betterment of mankind? Imagination is never bad it all depends on the context. I feel we should all strive for productive imagination.
  19. You know what I find fascinating about our 3D physical universe? Everything in existence starts out as sub atomic particles, the universe it's self started out as an infinitely small particle. I would seem to me that the source of all our knowledge/ consciousness would need to be at the beginning of the construction project...Not at the end. Ah mind candy I love you
  20. What is choice, very interesting. Did any of us chose to be born? If so where you able to chose male or female? Destiny or freewill? Or maybe a little of both? Have you ever heard the phrase "go with the flow"? What is this flow or current in the river life all about? I feel that we all share a destiny in the since that we are all in the same river, but each can make their own choices that determine where in the river they float. I feel that a person is born gay, I feel it is possible for someone born as a male yet be female and vice versa.(Transsexual) Most gay people I have known where gay and not bisexual. I do not think they had a choice it was their destiny to be gay or transsexual. I feel that a person who is bisexual has made a choice.
  21. I feel that it is a good idea to forgive. It allows for the release of unneeded negative energy. I feel that negative energy is more powerful then positive energy and if left unchecked it can eat away at a persons life force. Stress caused by negative energy has many ill heath effects. That said I am a huge fan of karma, we may forgive but we never forget. I have witnessed karmic justice many times both in others and myself. The universe has many ways of settling the score and most are very ironic. I once witnessed a guy, that a friend of mine friend knew to be a racialist, rear end a car at a stop light. It was ironic because the people in the car happened to black and now this person had to right the wrong his own bad karma caused The karmic scales are blind and all are held accountable it is justice at it's finest
  22. Your splitting hairs and missing the point. What does quantum mechanics tell us about the universe? I am not hear to explain how it works. If you want to know how it works study(and learn) quantum mechanics. I am hear to tell you why it works. I am what, what is? The problem you can't solve consumes all, what-are-YOU?
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