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  1. In those algorithms they need the point of collision, but here we don't need any information on points which have collided, we need to know if there is a collision or not.So my thought was as we can test linear equations for existence of non trivial solution, is there any way we can find it for 3d non linear objects
  2. I have to find out whether two 3d shapes which are standard mathematical ones.I dint need the solution but i only need ,is there a common solution or not.Am i wrong Comparing collision with Common solution?
  3. Is there a upper limit for EM wave frequency and minimum wavelength
  4. speed of all em waves are same as that of light in vacuum.as it enter another medium it slows down in different propotions.even light has different speed in diffrent medium.
  5. there are known reasons for voltage to exist, what is the reason behind time.the method we use to measure a quantity is not a definition,or is it?
  6. What drives the universe through this thing that is called TIME what exactly is it?? I mean what are we measuring using all these clocks?
  7. Yes you are right , paradox may exist but not in the same reality or slice of world where it is a paradox,But in another scale or varient of the universe it may exist . for example i cant be at two places at the same time but an electron can.
  8. What we imagine is a combination of things that you felt , can anyone imagine something that has no connection with existing stuffs or reality or what ever it is.So the thing is If it is possible you can imagine it
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