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  1. As i would love to believe that gaining a 100% activity over the brain at one time and maintaining that with no ill lasting effects would give us as some would term 'super powers' lets look at it in a bit more 'grounded' fashion. With the access to your brain at that capacity you would have 100% recall. You would be a savant of the highest caliber. Not only that with such a recall you could even say you could see differing paths and outcomes of things in your life, as in you could model your own future to what you would want. This is ONLY possible if you were the only person with that kind of mental capacity though, as anyone else with 100% could do the same, thereby interfering with your design. Now also with the full function of your brain you could possibly recall ability such as caveman like super smell, hearing, and sight. Things, since we have evolved, we have put on the back burner of our DNA. Granted this is differing species now but other animals, such as birds, have the ability to see the magnetic spectrum. Whats to say that we wouldn't have access to something like that with the unlocking of our brains at that high of a degree. The 100% mark i mean. I'm a bit of a sci-fi fan and comic nerd, so i REALLY like thinking about things like this. hope this thread isn't TOO dead lol. I can make some other good points, given enough time. Cause come on. All our science today was fiction at SOME point.
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