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  1. I'm not entirely sure if it would be possible, as this entire topic is only a theory, but I believe that if we had access to our entire brains abilities, we could do things such as telekenisis and telepathy. The telepathy aspect is actually fairly simple. All of our thoughts and emotions are mainly created because of electrical signals in the brain. Obviously, electricity is able to course throughout the human body. Very simple telepathy may already be possible, which could explain why large groups are able to work together to acheive a certain goal or even to act a certain way, due to the fact that the electricity produced by their thoughts or emotions would escape their skin in small amounts and would then eject into the air around them, so intense feelings could be spread to the others in a group. As each person absorbs the currents, no matter how small, it could produce more, causing people to share emotions to a much stronger degree. This explains the atmospheric effect of a room feeling a certain way, such as when people talk about feeling tension in a room. It doesn't always have to be what is said, instead, it could be what is felt by multiple people in the situation. Some people who can already sense these things would probably just call it intuition. With more access to our brains functionality, more complex thoughts or feelings could be shared. Possibly, such abilities could be created mechanically using technologic advancements of some sort, we could even see soldiers being able to share strategies or thoughts in real-time situations. The telekinesis idea is one I've been thinking on for a while. It wouldn't so much be a sort of pick-up and move ability, so much as a push from side to side or straight away. In theory, using our entire brains ability would allow us to be able to understand and control our body on a molecular level, sending certain signals to certain parts of our body in order to make them move or adjust in a specific way. All atoms react against eachother, so in theory, we could create a sort of push, or focus of energy, from our hands for example, and the chain reaction could impact things outside of our reach. In order to focus this ability, and keep it from creating a shockwave of sorts, the atoms moved could be in the shape of a cone, so as to create a specific point of impact on the object. But like I said, it's all just theory. And yes, I understand that it's not just electricity that causes thoughts and feelings, but also chemicals, but those chemicals aren't produced unless some form of electrical signal is sent to that specific part of the brain/body in order to produce those chemicals.
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