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  1. Well, you can buy used or last edition academic texts online at Amazon for ridiculously affordable prices. Probably, start with Introductory Algebra or Intermediate Algebra, then College Algebra. Skip the trigonometry book because most likely the text after College Algebra, Pre-Calculus, will cover trig. Then it goes Calculus One, Two, and Three. It sounds like you might want to study some physics, in which you need to get through calculus one before a college level physics text can be managed. You can buy algebra based physics books, but you will have to skip a buncha steps. Instructors that teach algebra based 100 level physics courses, as opposed to 200 level calculus based physics courses, have to practically sell their students that the ensuing answer is on the horizon and such. By that time you will see the other maths like differential equations or whatever. However, and I get your forty-nine and wise, but all that gets done outside of an academic environment as often as...(insert your cliche here).
  2. Hey SkyteCh05, Enthusiasm aside, you need to take whatever cautionary steps astronomers take when viewing the sun. If filters are the course, stay it. If you want to see the sun unfiltered, your eyes will pay with solar retinopathy's condition. Look it up; it is no joke. I am sure you will. The radiation will freckle your retina, and as it happens so rarely there is no relative lasik research to speak of. This means time is the only cure, in which if a case renders itself severe enough, even a lifetime may not set you straight. Be extraordinarily careful; the sun's view is not painful, but it will cause you pain. Sincerely, K Sky
  3. I looked up the oldest species on earth, and of course humans are not on the list. So, if science has fossil evidence that dates a jellyfish back 500 million years and a sponge 700, what does science have on us pre-ape? It has speculation. Human existence, for the sake of excusing blindness, seems to start from the scientific book of Genesis--and behold there was ape. Your question could have many speculative answers like, humor. Why do bi-pedals laugh all the way too the bank? It would seem that all creatures do not or are not capable of evolution. Yet, that statement is 100, not ninety nine point nine, but 100 percent false. Every thing on earth is a product of what-have-you floating around this solar system, gravitating towards some sort of center five or six billion years ago. Spin this space dust, yeah you, you piece of evolved space dust, you and me both! The bird would suggest that creatures evolve to meet the demands of survival. Nevertheless and completely unlikely, what if the history of our evolution is the oldest on the planet? What if we are the result of that first lightning bolt struck into water containing a mix of atmosphere and elements or the pre-historic voltage of said lightning bolt, that has yet to be recreated. Was there several, hundreds, thousands, millions of first lifeforms, or does it all come from the first f**k? Do we have the ultimate head start? Was our species hanging at the front of the dam when it broke, forcing us to lead? Were we the first too...? It is all nature, no matter what. Wax philosophical enough and there is no difference between this computer and a rose. The earth grew it all. This solar system grew the earth. The Milky Way grew this system, and the Big Bang grew the Milky Way. As a matter of fact, thanks for this post. You have brought me to understand my great-grandma ma is the Big Bang. Grand ma ma Big Bang, can I have some pea soup for dinner? Cool question...It always poses fun pondering beginnings beginnings.
  4. Thank you for the guidelines. I see how many posts the senior members hold. The forums on this site are interesting, and I enjoy writing responses. In future, when more mathematically educated, I have questions for topic. Thanks for the clarifications. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ub1Dc3NHZ3s
  5. That is a Funny question, too funny. I am sure you have looked in a dictionary and read the difference. It is neat how the list of closely related synonyms interchanged with one another can slightly alter a statement. So with wisdom, which is a state of wise, in which the definitions are going to revolve around solid judgment, compared with intelligence, which will revolve around capacity, there lists this stuff: A person with wisdom could be said to have acumen, caution, experience, foresight, intelligence, judgment, knowledge, poise, prudence, sanity, savvy, sophistication, understanding, astuteness, balance, brains, circumspection, comprehension, discernment, discrimination, enlightenment, rudition, gumption, information, judiciousness, learning, penetration, perspicacity, practicality, reasons, sagacity, sapience, shrewdness, solidity, stability, clear thinking, good judgment, horse sense, pansophy, sageness, savoir faire, and what not. We could bust out intelligence similarly; but how about smart and smart ass? Fun post Iwikefactz!
  6. Unity's and Phi for Alls's post skew basically the same, in that they regard discerning the ethos of the debater in order to decide the debate's worthiness and your participation within it. That advice sounds to the ear both practical and logical, especially if your time needs spending elsewhere in other valued interests. However, It sounds like you want to destroy someone who argues dirty, and you want to do so with an honest argument. If that be the case sir, practice practice practice. The answer to any victory lies with skill. It sounds like you have come up against a dirty bastard who knows that trait well. Take your lumps and fight. If you lose this one, you will gain in experience. There will be not shortage of dirty bastards to line up in future. Hit your arguments again and again, and hopefully under pressure. Cheesy or not, the good fight wins in the end.
  7. If there is a god who plays sadistic games like planting dinosaur bones, then I am all in, because that would be too funny. I pray Christianity is true, because then the end would not be the end. I doubt it though. It seems sadly convenient, and a tool for the insecure. I do believe in the universe’s will to survive. I heard that British physicist on the science channel, you know the one, he has that black hair and stands tall and handsome, say, “I believe the universe created us to measure itself.” That statement’s wisdom holds its own. If evolution’s manner holds true, I want evolutionary scientists to keep plugging. I want to know what we were before Hominids. I imagine it all started in water, and it must have been a blood bath. I imagine creatures were doing their best to crawl out of such an affair. So, what did we look like during our swimming in the ocean days? However, life seems to have taken several turns since the very beginning . There is that dinosaur era. Were we a species during the dinosaur era? Really, what were apes before apes? I would think evolution’s game would tickle the Lord more than a magic trick. And behold. Nevertheless, you asked how to deal with creationists. Well, it is more than perplexing how we all make our way and feed ourselves in such a complex world. If someone has a racket, let them play. Do not mess with that woman’s bread. Maybe this next statement’s contempt jumps overboard, but if you feel someone cannot add two plus two, walk the frick away. Seriously, that kind of reasoning spills from a well masked but dangerous person. Walk away and consider yourself lucky that you were not slain in the name of the Lord. Think about the reality of a creationist’s propaganda. Think about it. That is the part in the horror movie where you are on the edge of a seat screaming don’t go that way! Run man, run!
  8. Hi! I have a few suggestions for you. They are based upon my experience playing minor league golf. My wrists are not muscular, but I am told my grip is strong. Some of that happens with age due to carrying around your own body weight year after year. However, I noticed after years of wedge and putter work how much stronger my hands became. What has to happen in the golf circumstance to control the club so very tightly, while maintaining a soft grip, revolves around core muscle groups. I am not an exercise science major. To list all the different muscles around a person's abdomen, chest, back, and shoulders would take research, and you know. I can give you one such exercise that pulls on the core. If you can imagine the basic touching your toes stretch, but widen your stance for balance. Then and most important to the core is not to bend the back, and extend your arms directly up or out, preferably both and throw in some tight circular motions as well. This can be difficult in the beginning. I remember starting by sitting on the floor, opening the legs and stretching towards the floor while holding my arms out or directly up; again, keep your back straight. Maybe twist a bit left and right also in order to expand the groups. You should feel how much core power it requires to perform this exercise. Also, leg lifts, front, back, and to the side strengthen that area. Do not hold onto something. Balancing on one leg while lifting the other really works the core. If you go to a gym, the trainers might give you a heavy ball to hold while you twist slowly left and right. Like I said about exercise science, but a strong core should help free those fingers up a bit. Good luck with your music.
  9. Yeah, your discourse plugs some ideal idealism, but even if we break free iNow's arguments regarding the medical costs exist. Although, I suspect the conservative base employs the tax payer’s responsibility as a furtive mantra. Perhaps drug users should be able to take a drug test. You know, to see if they have the means. The suicide booth idea really kills me. Would the individual have a choice in method? When I was twenty I hated things. I walked out of work one night in Tucson, Arizona, and got on a bus to San Francisco with the intention of throwing myself off the Golden Gate Bridge. On top of that, I was packing a 380, which I intended to blast upside my temple on the way to bottom. I did not have the constitution to follow through. Instead, the next day I walked into an Army recruitment office on Market and signed up with the Infantry. I guess I figured if I could not shoot myself, maybe I could at least end someone else’s suffering. Well, that was 94-96 and mostly I just played war in Manhattan, Kansas, shot big ass gats, played a ton of pool, ate steak, and really had a grand ball. Then, at 38, I lost my mind, like for real--locked down in a facility bad. The emotional scars left me wishing for a heart attack or an embolism daily, knowing from previous experience my character seeks not to pull its own card. Again, I tried other ways. During my madness, I stood in front of the Chinese Consulate in Koreatown, Los Angeles, blocking traffic and hoping the guards would shoot me dead. Alas, some nice Anglo body guard came over real nice and said, “These guys are trying to get out, would you mind moving?” That was my best shot and still I live and breathe. Great too, as my depression has gone bye-bye. Incidentally, I was burning an ounce a week, but you know how Jane goes, kiddie drug like. I quit smoking because acclimation left it nothing more than a joint pain reliever. Heroin will kill me for sure. Really, drugs do not interest me much anymore, except alcohol. Alcohol cannot be thought through. I like it when I cannot think through. It is like suicide for the living. Maybe if the booth served shots to the shooter he or she could prevail like a drunken Irishman. You know, with a hole in them. What is your other point, spun recognizable by iNow. Do we own our bodies? Maybe iNow is right and ownership needs two parties for recognition. If that be the case, I claim Id, Ego, and Superego as witness. Puff and pass brotha, puff and pass.
  10. You are right of course based on General Relativity, and that is an equation defining gravity. You also said we do not know why mass causes space time to curve, which could be because our understanding of space-time's fabric tenures incomplete. That, along with the graviton will likely blend into an original equation, would be my point. Hopefully, with that equation defined, the work to counteract gravity can then begin. The matter does not frustrate me. My statements of our naivete with this matter, considering the giant scope of scientific knowledge we posses, were meant to be facetious. Maybe naivete words too strongly, especially since the corner may be right there. I viewed the question as ultimately theoretical. Anyway, I will remember to keep any dreamy eyed chatter off this channel.
  11. What remains funny about this subject lays in its weight over the smartest of the smartest. Any answer on any level resembles the responses above. The intelligible facts cannot be raised. In fact, the very first letter of the gravity's equation has not been written. Y/t=x squared and such. Without certainty, I would say humanity measuring the effects of gravity moves minds. However, according to Back to the Future, we should have flying cars by now. Better than even money says we can send folks to mars, but they are stuck there after that. Why? Of course you know, Cape Canaveral and all. Our hardest methodology for breaking gravity’s hold stands no greater than jet propulsion. Muscles work fine also, but alas I cannot jump to the moon, at least without a hook line and sinker. It feels like what reasoned people must have felt ages ago when they asked how the world was created. Some jerkoff would answer, God created the world. Well, what holds us down, and for the curvaturist's arguments sake, what pushes us down? Gravity. What the hell does that mean? Explain yourself! Oh, we cannot even begin to explain “gravitons” or “gravity waves.” What do you mean? The very first letter of the very first equation has not been written. It is simply amazing. Surely for physicists something more complex than gravity’s equation exists. I mean seriously, nothing can go faster than light? Snicker. It might be a little early to proclaim this as fact. Although with respect, the words are usually spoken as, according to Einstein’s theory… A mass of what I want bridges around chasing gravity. What holds us down? I mean you and me. I mean you, me, and society. What the $&*$ is holding us down? Why do life forms cohort like gravity? Where goes the spin man? To gravity’s hold, and humankind’s most pressing search.
  12. I like your question. It reminds me of the cocksure statement, nothing is impossible. Every time those words have bounced through my ear canals I think of two things. That might be true, but what about the relevance of now, within the current state of science and discovery. That thought then brings the next, which involves me pushing she/he off the Empire State Building expressing the sentiment, walk away unscathed anything is possible. I am pretty sure we could postulate that throwing bunnies off the Empire State Building all day will result in injured bunnies. Possibly, some future premise could thwart this idea. Now though, without actually doing the experiment, tossing bunnies off the Empire State Building without all of them receiving injury seems impossible. If that rings uncertain, how about we shoot a forty five caliber pistol discharged at point blank range at a bunny's head? Is survival possible? Is it possible that the bunny could deflect that shot and hop away unscathed? Lots and Lots of ideas currently remain impossible. Oh, sorry about the sadistic hypothetical experiments. Maybe I should have employed Giraffes. If we throw Giraffes off the Empire State Building all day...
  13. Hi there. My opinion stands without scientific research. Nevertheless, I am of the impression that the pursuit of cloning in the interest of growing replacement body parts for medical reasons coupled with the amazing progress the tech industry displays will lead to immortality. I think science will eventually grow a brain in a lab (animal first), and alongside will be a computer science grad trying to find some way to attach a bio connector. That process will develop and well, you probably get me by now. The whole download into a computer thing. The science will grow from nothing like reality, to scientists gathering the know how to produce the feelings our nerve endings sensate, and so on. Most old people do not want to die and would likely be happy to go first. Undoubtedly, the ethical issues will not escape the matter, but over time all that will work itself out. Frankly, I think humans will explore space from right here on earth, in a big bio computer. We could simply drop relays along the routes. Any planet could be walked on. A robot of some sort with sensors could relay back feelings. All of humanity could experience such an event simultaneously. If this becomes the case, we could outlive the universe. Is that too positive? I would guess science could get there in 1500-2000 years from now. Maybe a little longer, but think up to 5,000 and it feels like a lock. Other than space exploration, the effects on society I cannot imagine. I liken the sensation to a person born 2,000 years ago. She/He's enculturation and education would hinder the capability of grasping many of our current gadgets. How about germs? They seem like a no brainer. Maybe the most advanced thinkers conceived ideas like, I bet there will be a better way to write things down. Maybe along the way someone was smart enough to have fashioned a paper airplane. If we go into a big brain bio computer our line of societal processes change. And so goes evolution and thought.
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