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  1. Hey guys, I am a student currently studying my third year in university. As a part of my third year project I have chosen to do a marketing plan about a new type of system for work places to keep track of their walkie-talkies and other mobile communication devices. I have created a questionnaire to gain peoples perspective on the issue. I will then analyse the information, which will allow me to decide upon the correct direction to follow and how to justify the feasibility of the idea. The questionnaire should only take a minute or two to fill out and all replies I receive will be very helpful and will be appreciated. Thank you all in advance, Sonia Here is a link to my question: https://docs.google.com/a/my.westminster.ac.uk/forms/d/1qKd_C8G3CW9jS4psTU0RnqUZPVwyGnaQzng9gvX5DxQ/viewform
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