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  1. passed all exams, chosen to do physics and engineering in medicine msc at UCL. Considering my years of clinical experience and contacts I think it will be a more lucrative career.

    1. ajb


      Good luck. I get the impression those who study medical physics are quite employable, especially if they have some experience with computer programming.

    2. physica


      Thanks, I sometimes daydream about being a theoretical physicist but I'm 26 and it's super competitive. I will continue to read as a hobby, maybe one day I will be able to contribute to the speculations page

    3. Sirona



  2. got a conditional offer for UCL!!! interview was hard, just loads of physics questions

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    2. physica


      hahaha I think UCL is my number one choice. there's been a technicality with dates, my dissertation doesn't get marked until 5th dec, because of this i'm having to take a year out, UCL has reserved my place for a year. I'm taking this year to do an extra module in fluid mechanics and reading up on masters level physics


    3. imatfaal


      that's a bit of a pain. Can you not start your MSc in April? Some Uni.s have two starting dates for advanced degrees. Although it will mean you can get a flying start to what will be a challenging MSc

    4. physica


      I'm going to take a year out, read some masters books on the subject and I'm going to take a course in mathematical methods and fluid mechanics.

  3. got an interview for UCL!! pressure is now on

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    2. imatfaal


      Are these research based masters or taught courses? And good luck at UCL

    3. physica


      these are taught masters, I don't think I know enough to do a research masters yet, hoping to do mres/phd the year afterwards


    4. imatfaal


      sensible choice - taught masters are fun courses; really enjoyed mine

  4. I've just got a conditional offer for a physics MSc at Kings (Higgs did his MSc there)..... still waiting for UCL to reply

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    2. imatfaal


      As a Gower Street grad I would prefer UCL and the delights of the Jeremy Bentham (the pub not the corpse) rather than Strand Poly (as we always refered to Kings as). But as AJB said - both great places. My niece is a doctoral candidate at Kings right now and loves it

    3. physica


      I'd have to say thanks to you two and a few others who have helped me with homework questions.You've also tolerated my writing style which I think has improved because of it. UCL is my first choice but I'll happily take kings if they don't get back to me. ow study study study, final exams in early june :/


    4. Phi for All

      Phi for All

      Congratulations! I know you've put in a lot of hard work for this.

  5. I thought I'd have a picture of something that happens every day so here you have it, road tar getting steamrolled

    1. Spyman


      LOL - But I think you are making this waaay too personal.

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