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  1. Entropy is the idea that everything goes towards chaos and if everything goes towards chaos then wouldn't everything be the same. If we look at a room, if you don't clean you room for a while, hence put in energy to clean it, your room will keep getting messier. The messier it gets the more consistent it becomes, more and more of it will begin to look the same. (By same I mean in a context of garbage being there on the left side and right side of the room even though its not the same garbage, its garbage.) So my question is in the universe why are there so many separations an example being the existence of a vacuum where there is hardly anything to planets which are just a collection of everything else. Sorry for the bad wording I just don't know how else to word it in terms of what I know.
  2. If you repeatedly recall information you better remember the topic being recalled, a good way to help with that can be by making mind maps in your head and when you think of one part of the web slowly everything in that web pops into your memory effectively helping you to know more and make connections. Takes some time to get use to doing subconsciously but it works.
  3. Depending on what grade this is I would recommend making it a bit simpler to understand, I am not great with chemistry but I know the basics of combustion and I felt a bit overwhelmed by the names of compounds that were being thrown at me especially in the beginning, btw I am 18. But all in all the production is great and I love your enthusiasm, keep up the good work!
  4. I have a quick question why does the amount of volts matter, wouldn't the amps matter more because amps are the passage of electrons though a point so the more electrons, the more efficient the electrochemistry would be, wouldn't it? . btw I have no idea how to do electrochemistry, I am just an electricity fanatic.
  5. I guess the who idea of "fake it till you make it" can fall under this idea because once we start thinking how to do something we have to physically think of what we have to do then after a while it just happens. I would say I am a great experiment to look at, I started off not liking any type of science at all and then one day just started to fake the idea that I liked it, picking up random books, doing random research and so on. At that point I did not really care about science but as I did these random acts I slowly began to find everything I did a lot more interesting and not I am studying electrical engineering at university, I use to have a 60-70 average in high school up until the last year where this all happened and I became passionate about something that I could careless about in the beginning, worked day and night and brought my marks to be around 80-90. All this even though I could simply take over the well run, high income family business, which I was planning on doing before and now I genuinely love to learn new things and get a better understanding of topics. The funny thing is now I want to transfer to a physics major because I just want to learn the basics. I honestly do not know why I did this or even for what but now I came to notice that everything I do subconsciously leads to me learning more. For example I have very strong urges to ask questions, if I do not ask them they haunt me so I have to write them down. This is just what you could say I had undergone though the years "brain washing" myself. btw - the reasons as to why I did this were pointless compared to the amount of work I had to put in, I still wonder why I did it but I am glad I did. Sorry if it sounds like I rambled on, just thought I could share an experience, if you guys have any questions about this leave a comment or even email me.
  6. Hi not to disregard any comments made on this topic but I have celiac, an autoimmune disease and I seem to have the same reaction to rice as I do with gluten. Who knows maybe having a self harming immune system like mine-well not as severe could be the cause of you feeling sleepy. This is all regards is a speculation, because of personal experiences.
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