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  1. if I count the vectors of the rocket I will say , it will accelerate in curve way that means - at least for me - the acceleration will divide it in x ,y and z maybe it will go like twister way . or maybe those rules doesn't count in this situation . I did read some wikis things about acceleration it's seem the equations can't used in 1G relativistic state .
  2. who said I want reach the moon to speed of light ? I just want to accelerate it > 0 in noticeable way . I'm still laughing but really that was the best answer. I guess we have to wait another a billion years to discover the moon escaped from the gravity of the earth. ======== can someone tell me if this motion will goes in a liner or a curved way . as I now the velocity increase with the time in liner way . how can I calculate the acceleration in every moment , with variable (v) and (t) ? as I know ? a = dv / dt or vf = vo + at (f = final , o = original ) or something else . I mentioned before but I didn't notice that things . as we know thrust comes from the blast and that comes from fuel . and of course fuel has a mass that mass connected with the spaceship .so with same thrust and a variable mass of fuel on that ship will make the spaceship continue at 1g until the fuel will be zero . in that way it will be more logical . I have to take my ticket in that journey .
  3. I'm not sure if you understood the idea . maybe you didn't read the whole story take this example and explain it for me more . I want move the moon so I decide to built a machine ( the rocket moon ) the head of the rocket it's moon it self and the back of the rocket will be the machine look at this picture . if I start the machine do you think the moon start to move or not ?
  4. "force would be force" it's true but there is a less and a more force at 1st newtons law ". Every object in a state of uniform motion tends to remain in that state of motion unless an external force is applied to it." as based of your theories and 1st newton's law you can move 1000,000 tons on space with one finger if and only if that is true then your theories will be true . but I can't see that happening . our space most of it is empty and there is a moon and it's on an empty space without any resistant , that moon has no atmosphere so if it's hitting by Meteorite ( as it's a moving object it means it has a force or at least what Newton thinks) it should force the moon to accelerate !!! why would that not happening . still all the three Newton's laws confusing us I don't know what does Issac Newton mean by "external force is applied to it" ?
  5. yes that exactly what I meant before . lets see it in other side ,you can't get a full energy from a constant force - as mass it not changing (again relativity things)- maybe it's more complicated. I think force and energy are two sides of same coin .I mean if the force are constant how does you will get more and more energy ? for now , this is the only things I can say .
  6. it's better to explain it in a low motion physics . try to imagine your are in space .and there is a road ( resistant of road=0) and your are in a bicycle . you started moving your legs and spinning the pad .your bicycle will started moving and you will slowly begin spin the pad faster and faster so I have a five things . 1- is there any limit of your spinning ? 2- did you reach your limit of spinning? 3- at point your are spinning the pad at that limit ? is your bicycle accelerating ? 4- now stop spinning the pad did your bicycle stop ( don't forget you are still in a space without resistant ) so there is only velocity 5- now spin the pad again do you feel your bicycle has any acceleration as you already reached your limit. my point there is three states of your position . less spinning equal spinning more spinning so ( less or equal spinning will not accelerate your bicycle ) rather than ( more spinning will accelerate it for sure ). spinning = force ((about the resistant things :if resistant exist it's only make you slower but if it's not exist it doesn't mean you will go faster you only will go in actual speed ))
  7. 1G of velocity yes, but I'm not sure - as I'm not physician- it happens with acceleration . I will take newton's theory of action and reaction . in simple way ( there is a lot example but I will chose this one ) A and B two different of mass on the space (two different guys try pushing back together) if: 1-mass A=B ( and they push as same force this mean they separate in a same acceleration ) 2-mass A>B ( and they push as same force this mean acceleration of A will be less than B ) 3-mass A<B (and they push as same force this mean acceleration of A will be more than B) even all those state and movement object ,the acceleration will be zero again until they get more force greater than before . ( vectors things) maybe the relativity has related of these things that was all what I imagine of the movement in the space .so it just theories in my head .
  8. I will look time as thing changing from point a to point b .
  9. you really hit something at that speed and make another big bang on our universe . I think mathematically it's possible -I actually thought about that before - but physically it's far from possible . at 1G of acceleration and every point of it you need more and more energy to keep you go that acceleration . 1/ million million million ...etc mistake of direction make you go in curved way . I don't know why most people still imagine they can travel in liner way. even in the earth you traveling in curved way .
  10. Not for along time google earth upgrade their program to sky view ( stars & solar system and galaxies ) . for me this was the best idea as most people like astronomer and enthusiast have a hard time to find stars and galaxies . so is this pictures and the directions are real or fake ?. most of them looks like they are real stars and real galaxies even the directions of it . and sorry if this topic was mentioned before .
  11. empty

    I hear something ?

    I hear these sounds since I was kid maybe 5 or 6 yr old . I need go to the doctor.
  12. empty

    I hear something ?

    tinnitus , I thought that was another one it happen when I hear a very loud sound , my ears drums vibrate in unnatural way. you really don't hear a thing when you close your ears ??
  13. empty

    I hear something ?

    who knows maybe you're right .
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