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  1. hello...i would like to ask some opinion here... how i want to search/detecting the value without filtering the data? currently i'm using double hashing to search the the value... for example: i have 1000 tags with the value and will transferred to the database. however, the value considered missing when there are unable to detect the value which it is actually exist in the database.. collision could be happen within the value... so, i would like to read some opinion that possibly could help me to detect the missing value in fast way without filtering the data... thanks...
  2. [Need Opinion] Indicator for RFID missing tag

    thanks for your opinion.
  3. [Need Opinion] Indicator for RFID missing tag

    if anybody could help me? Actually, i would like to know if there is another method that can be used for detecting missing tag? for example, Since RFID can generate large amounts of data flow in a short time, while identifying the missing tags leading to long scanning time and difficult to search the actual tags.. so, i want to know how to trace the missing tags? should i reduce the tag collison and search the missing tags? thanks
  4. Hi there... I'm here to ask some opinion about indicator for trace the missing RFID tag? currently, there are some example that i have read such as adaptive window RFID data cleaning model (SMURF), static window RFID data cleaning and naive bayes classifier... so i would like to ask if there are other model or techniques that can be used for trace the missing RFID tags? or if anybody do not mind to share any papers or journal that related with this... Thank You..
  5. [Need opinion] Internet of things (sensor)

    this assume is kind of similar situation... thanks for the reply...
  6. [Need opinion] Internet of things (sensor)

    thanks for your opinion... if the data including time, date, place, temperature etc... is it possible the data can be play with algorithm?
  7. Geetings to all... currently im studying about RFID in Internet of things, for example how internet of things (IoT) can be used to predict breakdown in aircond? the sensor supplied the data to the sistem.. from the data, what kind of algorithm can be used? is it binary tree? anti-collision algo? thanks in advance.
  8. [Help] Compiler Words i got it...many thank' that would only need one table for the data...their entity just abbreviation and fullword.. thanks a lot for help..^^
  9. [Help] Compiler Words

    Could you explain in detail? it vague for me to understand this. or would u just give the link that can i refer to learn it??
  10. [Help] Compiler Words

    ouh i understand... if the word need to be check the grammar so that part need the right algorithm.. btw, for the database design, if i just use java hashmap.. it is the data become one to one?? because java hashmap only have a key and value in same table.
  11. [Help] Compiler Words

    so if i'm combine this java hashmap with the decision tree...whether it will reduce the time to compile this system?? i have an hundred word in the it is proper to combine this code or just only using hashmap??
  12. [Help] Compiler Words

    sorry again... i want to ask... can java hashmap code combine with the decision tree technique?
  13. [Help] Compiler Words

    so LA is a shortcut way to do that re-placer?? hurm...i understand it now...but honestly now i just test it use word refer to one meaning...
  14. [Help] Compiler Words i can learn new things..thanks for sharing your knowledge... thanks for your reply... its help me a lot...^^ yeah i know about this lexical analyzer...thanks a lot..^^
  15. [Help] Compiler Words

    yeah...i understand.. most comfortable is java.. i try to do it first...thanks for your respond...^^