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  1. Inow take your crap to most of the economists in the U.S and Europe and explain your case to them. For supposedly really intelligent people here. You guys are quite the dumbasses. Get a CLUE ASSHAT! By the way, this is my last post at this site. Has to be the worst science site on the web. A bunch of political activists who use science as a means. Screw you! And all the libtards who hang here! Im DONE.. LATER ASSHOLES!
  2. Update again. For our Naysayers! Russia and China announced they are no longer using the U.S currency for trade. Rather they are going to use they're national currencies. Guess that shoots whatever argument you guys thought you had with me over the Russian/China economies! By the way! Told you it was coming! http://en.ria.ru/russia/20140520/189968566/Russia-China-Plan-to-Expand-Payments-in-National-Currencies.html Also, things are changing in a big way for U.S/China relationships. http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/05/20/us-china-usa-espionage-idUSBREA4J03D20140520 Man ohh man.. All the debate theorists here. Good luck with that!
  3. Considering it takes multiple people like you Inow(Intellectual fakes) to actually come up with a answer or keep a attack argument going. I will take that as a compliment. And really your answer is nothing more than what I put into perspective. In fact one of your links is one I shared. The difference between me and you Inow, and it will always be a difference. Is I spend very little time actually making posts here.With very little effort. While I waste alot of your time and effort because you actually have to look things up just to get a argument!
  4. Had to respond because I really do not like the use of Wikpedia on some subjects. As it is quite dated. As to factually incorrect. Captain, all I can say is you either need to google better or get up with the times. As your post represents what is considered outdated data. In fact the Wikpedia figures are from 2011 not 2014. China is to surpass the U.S this summer economically. http://www.ft.com/intl/cms/s/0/d79ffff8-cfb7-11e3-9b2b-00144feabdc0.html Also wanted to give you some additional links. Since you are going on limited information. Especially when GDP is not used anymore for a accurate accounting of a countries economic growth. But only in part! Here are the additional links: http://www.theguardian.com/business/2014/apr/30/china-overtake-us-worlds-largest-economy In PDF: http://www.frbsf.org/economic-research/files/Lin.pdf As to the isolation question. Ill just give you this: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-05-19/putin-seeks-400-billion-gas-deal-as-ukraine-speeds-china-pivot.html Like I said and make the assertion again. BRIC's countries are breaking out and away from the U.S dollar and the wests monetary system. 4 of the 5 BRIC's member nations are in the top 10 economies of the world. With China positioned to replace the U.S. My factual assertions remain that. Like I said, less google, more research. Everyone can google. But sometimes it is better to data mine on your own. Instead of expecting a service to do it for you! Also you should be watching China very closely. Some big events coming out this week if not next from that country. And most of it has to do with Obama. The timing is right. Considering the weak president we have in office.
  5. My ohh my.. a bit one sided swansont. American news turns out propaganda 24/7/365. This includes FOX, MSNBC,CBS, ABC,CNN.. all the major news networks., After all satis magnum alter alteri theatrum sumus (Epicurus). I hope you are ready. Many of the democrat supporters which are billionaires are leaving the U.S high and dry! This includes George Soros. Who in the past month has been selling off his U.S assets. Glad you have such faith in our media.
  6. But Swansont, none of what you said will even occur. If that were the case. Then our current president would already be impeached. Eric Holder would be in jail. Mitch McConnell and Harry Reid would both be locked up as well. John Boehner would be facing several criminal charges. Just to name a few! Not even counting our esteemed California congressmen and senators. Which is a whole different ball of wax! I do not see that happening anytime soon. Nor do I see anything coming of the article that started this set of threads. At most, your explanation and or answers represents "wishful "thinking. In the imaginary world of the ideal. Your answer would most likely occur. But the reality of what we live in differs greatly from the ideal. As far as the press goes. Exactly which press would become the martyr? Both me and you know the real deal concerning the press. It is not even real news anymore.
  7. Sure John. I will explain. The original question asked in this set of threads(The Title)asks "How to eliminate this? Which leads to the only possible way of eliminating such things without committing crime. Which would be censorship right? So when I typed censorship, I am asking is that acceptable and is there no other way. The key word is eliminate. That is a very definitive word and not broad. Why I brought up the question of censorship.
  8. Just a update. Russia has the green light with its partners(China, Iran)to de-dollar trade with its partners. Instead they will be using rubles and yuan. Considering Russia is the number one natural gas exporter and the number 2 oil exporter for the world. This plays a significant factor in the future economies of all countries. You can fine the details here: http://voiceofrussia.com/2014_05_13/Russia-strives-to-exclude-the-dollar-from-energy-trading-5138/ Looks like those sanctions are working! Just gave Russia a excuse to change the economics of the world. Of course China warned both the U.S and Europe about sanctions against Russia. here: http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/03/13/us-ukraine-crisis-china-idUSBREA2C0PB20140313 Get to watch this play out. Already see expensive food prices. Can only imagine the cost when this takes affect! And to think. People in the U.S believe China would never side with Russia. It owns too much U.S debt. The reality is BRIC's*(China) is the number 1 economic group in the world. They can drop us like a bad habit! Wonder what would happen if Russia and or China announced that the currency they use is now backed up by a gold standard. As to how friendly our trade partner China is, you better wake up! http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-03-31/why-did-brics-back-russia-crimea
  9. I agree with that. Global warming supporters/people are definitely ideologues!
  10. Exactly what facts are those concerning the original post are you speaking of? I actually have said very little in this set of threads. Other than pointing out the obvious concerning you liberals. So exactly where did I construe my one question. Which was simple to understand. Here I will repeat it in bold letters and a color. Perhaps that will help you see the word/question for what it is. Censorship? Hope that helped. As far as oil goes. I really do not need to know who you are dealing are with, or even how you dress. I do want to know how you are going to stop the big evil oil mongering anti-climate republican. But all I have seen are complaints and portrayals of victimization. Not exactly progress! Nor logic! Heck, you guys could not even get my question right. John used it as a statement, rather than the question it is. It cannot be that hard to understand. You speak reality. I would recommend taking a break and looking at yours. Since both the continuity and progression of your reality is seemingly lacking. Also what dogma am I parroting? You admittedly and openly claimed you are a liberal. As such our viewers can take that at face value. Especially towards your commentary and views. I am quite happy to share the liberal thought frame. I will be happy to help coach you along in your complaints and victimization roles. To help you reach the goal you have in mind!
  11. John, I never claimed censorship. That was the answer given to the question the OP gave. The answer was also a question, not a statement. I see you did not differentiate between the two. As to faulty logic. If your misinterpretation equal me having faulty logic then I am 100% behind that assertion. Considering where that view came from. Also, in your statement above, who is exactly "WE"? You are saying there is a group? Or more than one? Considering your own words I could make it a point that what I wrote of liberalism is accurate. Thanks to your own statement. I am grateful to show other viewers the limited almost hive like thought of the profoundly misunderstood ego driven liberals(or supporters of liberals) who inhabit this site. Your own statements make it easy. I am glad we can have this conversation.
  12. The above quote is FULL LIBERAL GOODNESS at its best! Please feel free to take it all in! Koch Bro's.. lol!! Talk to a elitist, oops, I meant liberal. They will profess the same thing. In fact in most cases, liberals will use the same quote above VERBATIM. Now Imafaal, when you can give a good response rather than a programmed agenda driven one. Feel free to actually answer. Until that point. I will presume you are just following liberal drone doctrine/conjecture. Any response that includes Koch bros in the first sentence is reason to be wary. Yeah, you lost me when the first sentence included Koch bro's. Which makes whatever is written below it as nothing more than agenda driven drivel!
  13. Exactly the point. The media sensationalized Sam and his lover kissing. More than the actual significant story of a openly gay man being drafted in the NFL. I agree with you concerning public kissing. It does not matter what type of couple it is. Over the top is over the top. Which I understand makes news stories. Just as with the transvestite story. Media sensationalized that Conchita is a trans. More so than actually winning Eurovision. Like I stated above. Bad state of affairs!
  14. Actually you have. If when speaking you are including Asia, the middle east, eastern Europe, parts of Africa. Which is what you stated when you said "WORLD". You misspoke in a big way. As I said exaggeration. You dont have to like what I said. As I noticed with the negative point. But honest is honest and exaggeration is exaggeration! Sorry!
  15. World is a big place! Please refrain, you probably meant "the west". Which would be more appropriate. Otherwise you are just giving zealous exaggeration.
  16. Almost as bad as the transvestite with the beard winning the Eurovision contest! http://www.mirror.co.uk/tv/tv-news/eurovision-2014-final-recap-conchita-3523443 What is the west coming to? Pretty sad state of affairs!
  17. Heh, John that is the majority of leaders. Psychopaths seem to run the majority of countries world wide. Also Psychopath is a very broad definition to stereotype with. We may even have a few who frequent here.
  18. Here is the reason Rand Paul will most likely win the presidency if he runs. Or in the least, one of many reasons! http://www.nytimes.com/2014/05/12/opinion/show-us-the-drone-memos.html?_r=0 and why Hilary will be a token candidate.
  19. Thanks, forgot the rules for this place on the net. So you believe because scripture the christian use is reason for them to look at others with discriminant view? I think it goes both ways from the looks of what I see here. I am not supporting either side. I was reading a article on why the supreme court were in favor. According to what I read, it was based on the constitution. I do not remember where the article was. Even looked up my "History" to find it. I notice if you are godless or if you believe in such. The discriminant view applies to both sides. My own faith prevents me from siding with either . Its better to just watch! Perhaps the godless and the god bearing can find a common ground. Would make life much simpler. Would not have such articles as this being so important. My personal belief is you have two groups of people who have expectations that are in conflict. The point being,expectations are the reason for the conflict. Another aspect of life has the same conflicts. Marriage . I think I will see how much farther both sides are willing to go. As to the preaching statement. I was not sure if it was preaching or not. But it looked like something a preacher would say. I avoid them like a plague . Just for that reason!
  20. Exactly what are you talking about John? Is that some scripture? If it is, do you take biblical words at face value as truth? I am not well versed in christian scripture. Is that meant as some form of insult or argument? Or some form of correlation I am missing? My statement to Phi was just that. It was to him. There was or is no underlying purpose. Going out a bit far on that one. Besides, none of us need to be preached to if it was. Which is exactly what your response seems to be.
  21. Democrats are milling behind Hilary. It will be Rand Paul vs Hillary Clinton. Hillary will most likely lose. Considering Rand has support from areas that are traditionally heavy democrat. This includes the heavily liberal area of silicon valley. To get that backing alone is a accomplishment of greatness for any republican. Besides the dislike of democrats currently regardless of mainstream media. Hillary will have a very difficult time. Mostly due to this current administration. If it were a republican president in office right now. The gallows and hangman would be a daily event.
  22. So Phi, you would believe that those that pray like that look down upon people who do not pray? A bias perhaps? Also if Sarah Palin came to being POTUS I would probably move to another country. Our media had a field day with such a target.
  23. Thought this would be a interesting debate subject. Was talking to my friend in the UK. He laughed pretty hard and told me that it should be expected as the U.S is full of religious zealotry. Of course I replied in kind. But it seems that perhaps religion plays a role. At least the Supreme Court thinks so. Here is the story http://www.wtop.com/319/3616345/High-court-ruling-favors-prayer-at-council-meeting Do you believe prayer should be allowed before a meeting of government officials? Does prayer affect you in a significant way whether pro or con? Do you believe the supreme court was right on its decision? Just a few of the questions that interest me. I personally am impartial of the decision. As someone praying does not bother me regardless of religion. For me I am on this planet for a short time. We only live this life once(As far as we know). So someone praying is not really going to bother me. In fact, I encourage prayer if it results in a positive outcome for that person doing it. Or is in general positive towards me. What are your views of this decision?
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