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  1. If one thinks that people are ruining the world, they will go to any extent to stop them ( my Mother Earth philosophy ) .
  2. Electro Magnetic Regeneration or as I like to think, flying saucers.
  3. The only way to detect them is with sniffers , xrays ( and conducted by trained inspectors ), or possibly a special probe analyzer.
  4. If the human ear could recognize particles in space traveling at the speed of light yes. Otherwise no.
  5. That's like asking," Are your parents real " ? If they are dead and there is a grave...and nowadays there is DNA testing. But in 2000 years who knows ?
  6. Is there any limits to the modification of T Cells and fighting cancers or perhaps immune deficieancy disorders? Am I asking a question that is too early for trials/experiments? I was wondering if they may be modified to fight STD's?
  7. Well I guess the solution will be here during the next ice age...guess I won't be here for that.
  8. Could there be more to the ice melting than just the temperature of the climate? How 'bout all the chemicals that are produced in cleaning solvents? Could they be picked up and spread thru the atmosphere? I wonder how many could be linked to preventing or changing the freezing temperature for water. Anyone got a clue?
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