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  1. this american president want to sell today. what he wasn't buying as a senator 12 years ago. a reason to go to war again . shame obama shame
  2. why not have all countries print their paper currency .with a gold thread inserted in the money. where a $5 will have so much gold inserted but $100. will have five times more and have then peg to u.s currency then all money will have the same value
  3. On April 15, 2009 at 8:59 pm Niabl [0] said: For the past three weeks on my bed,each night as i go to bed to sleep. I will lied down pull my sheet and then my blanket over me. But when I hold my sheet with my left hand and hold other part with my thumb and first finger and pull my hand across the sheet a florescent light will follow my fingers as I move it across the sheet.If i do ten times or twenty or more times I get the same results,is this static electricity that is giving off this light or is it friction of my fingers moving across the sheet.
  4. President Obama will spend billions of tax dollars on education, which is a good thing for american kids. Will federal, and local governments provide jobs to these future graduates? Private companies' responsiblity is to their share holders and they will send jobs to the lowest bidding country were the labour is much cheaper leaving many americans with degrees and on welfare. Is this a good investment of billons or a waste?
  5. HOW I THINK OUR UNIVERSE WAS RE -CREATED Billions of years ago, or in time passed our universe was void of light matter (visible matter) but consisted of only black (invisible) matter. Our universe was not yet re-created. Let us stop here for a moment . Let us go to a parallel universe that had existed for billions of years and was now dying. This universe was coming to its end cycle as the light visible matter of that universe was sucked in by massive black holes which converge together in what will be our future cosmic egg. When the very last particle of that universe wa
  6. Hundred of millions of years ago. when our planet was already formed. The planet was completely covered with water. Oceans were not as deep as they are today, but only a few hundred feet deep but thousand of miles long. As time passed, green sea moss began to grow in the shallow areas. Since there was no sea life, like fishes or other type of sea life, to eat or disturb the moss, it grew very thick. After a while, this moss broke away and slid down in the deepest vallies. As more time passes this moss will be hunded of feet deep and thousands of miles long. The moss at the
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