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  1. They say that the decisions we make in an instant when we are fearful o Thats fair...but like what? Everyone still has a choice. Circumstances don't shape our lives, how we react to them do.
  2. We are responsible for our actions. True, there can be fleeting thoughts that come into our subconscious, but we are still ultimately responsible for our thoughts turning to actions. To say that the choices we have made are not always up to us, is a dangerous message. There may be things that have occurred in our lives of which we had no control, that 'SHAPE' our thinking and world views, but we still choose what we do or don't do in response to them.
  3. I suppose we could test it by using this thread as a journal of sorts for our sleep patterns? What might we be tracking? Memory function? It stands to reason that going with sporadic sleep will inhibit cognitive function. I didn't fully understand the 'new memories' connection. Anyone care to explain that piece to me?
  4. First part is accurate about religion making some people view sex as sinful. But, the advent of mud slinging "dirty words" could be from a number of areas and for a number of reasons.
  5. I know what you're asking, but not sure if my explanation will make sense. I've discovered a website that offers real life examples using Le Chatelier's Principle. Would you like for me to post it here for you?
  6. To call someone a jerk off is kind of weird, though. The insulter has essentially taken a verb and turned it into a noun, on top of it not making much sense to begin with! Something I've never understood...is when someone says ''fuck me,'' to themselves, instead of exclaiming ''oh shit!'' It's often uttered when someone is upset, or something unexpectedly upsetting has happened.
  7. Sometimes, words can hurt...but probably depends on WHO is trying to hurt you. If a guy driving down the street, cuts me off and gives me the finger, who cares. But, if my boyfriend were to yell 'you're such a bitch,' that would be hurtful. (and I would break up with him...I don't tolerate name calling, and verbal abuse) So to me, it depends on who is doing the insulting that matters more than the insult itself. I don't name call people so it's not something I understand when I see others doing it. Online insulting is a whole other story. lol Have seen it in particular on math and science forums, and it's typically used by people who don't have sound logic or arguments, as in real life, they resort to name calling, etc...
  8. There are different ''levels'' to these riddles?
  9. Thought this article was really interesting, and might just change your mind on why it is that we 'need' sleep. http://www.tor.com/blogs/2013/07/scientific-american-explores-a-new-hypothesis-on-the-fundamental-purpose-of-sleep
  10. They didn't have an understanding of science and biology as to even begin to assess the origin of man.
  11. Syringes sounds like oranges? No it doesn't lol Hard to find that perfect match. False is a tough word!
  12. Theoretically, wormholes could serve as "bridges" into time travel but I don't think humans will ever be able to successfully travel through one because of the risk of making it through one alive. Even if we advanced considerably with technology, the dangers of wormholes are incredible. That's a lot of speculation! Even if one could create this scenario, black holes are dangerous! I don't mind having "what if" discussions, but you can't pretend the basic properties and laws of science don't exist.
  13. Not sure if this was posted but what comes to mind are: Crawls, bawls, shawls, etc... Yes no?
  14. That's so true. I read an article recently about how FB makes mundane things look extraordinary. Look at meeeee! I went to the mall today! (And then a picture of a cappucino from the food court is the pic of the day) With 30 "likes" to follow. What is to "like" about something so everyday? I can't look at it anymore. I'm not a snob, but it's just not a good use of time, I don't think. If you don't post your "day" on FB, does that diminsh the value of what you did that day? This is really nicely said. It is the thing that keeps me torn. Once you get a tattoo, that's it. You can't go back.
  15. The problem with FB, is it causes people to feel forced to reply. Maybe the mother didn't want to, but she felt ...if I don't...people will judge me...if I do...people will judge me. She couldn't win. lol I don't like FB because it creates a lot of unncessary drama ...but maybe some people like drama. FB isn't my thing anymore, either. I don't use it all that much. And thank you for your vote, against me getting a tat. It's been noted. I don't have any tattoos, currently. I somewhat agree. But like I said above, if she didn't say anything...maybe people would have judged her. But, we have to do what we wish, not what we think people on FB think we should do. That's the problem with social media, it sort of becomes more important to some people than living their own lives. that's true. that's true too.
  16. I wonder if the animals know how to do this too? I suppose you could 'bug' an animal and have it record conversations. I'm paranoid now.
  17. in reply to Iggy: Yes, the mom's response was great but it's not newsworthy. My other thought was too, must we share every thought and moment on Facebook? Makes me wonder why was this newsworthy? Are we still in a day and age when parents reactions would be other than this mother's? In reply to CaptainPanic: I see your point but at the same time I think it's odd that a mother showing love and acceptance to her own kid as being news worthy is just strange to me. Oh well. Thank you, I'm thinking of getting it as a tattoo soon.
  18. lol I can't imagine having that kind of time on my hands that I'm paranoid of animals spying on me.
  19. In theory, time travel is possible, and maybe someday we will be able to, but hard to say because it would be incredibly unsafe, even with the best of technology. A really big time ‘warp’ requires an intense gravitational field. Black holes are ideal but they are quite dangerous (for humans to be hanging around) and only ‘represent’ traveling into the FUTURE. If you want to go BACK in time, a wormhole is your best bet, but also dangerous. So, it’s not out of the question but it just hasn’t been something anyone can test yet, and not sure due to the risk, if we ever will be able to. But, if anyone here wants to build a really cool SAFE spaceship and give it a try, I’ll tag along for the ride.
  20. Both Kidding...no, the Egyptians.
  21. You have very interesting ideas Why do you wish to discard time? We are confined to time and space, whether you accept it or not.
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