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As discussed in this thread, please consider whether a post to a video link is a violation of our rule against soapboxing.


To reiterate the main points there:

We are NOT banning videos outright. This will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis to see if they violate the spirit (or letter) of rule #8

"Preaching and "soap-boxing" (making topics or posts without inviting, or even rejecting, open discussion) are not allowed. This is a discussion forum, not your personal lecture hall. Discuss points, don't just repeat them."

Basically what this is announcing that we've decided that, as an example, a 30 min video posted by itself, to make or rebut a point in a thread, is a barrier to discussion. This includes a video of a person pontificating or asking questions as a substitute for writing the material down. Refer to the "lecture hall" comment above.


As will other rules violations, you can be warned about this (and asked to include some commentary), and/or the staff have the option of removing the post, depending on the circumstances.


Any commentary on this policy should take place in the linked thread.

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Rule 2.7 concerning posts that are comprised mainly of videos, pictures and links, has been updated.


The pertinent wording is now

Links, pictures and videos in posts should be relevant to the discussion, and members should be able to participate in the discussion without clicking any links or watching any videos. Videos and pictures should be accompanied by enough text to set the tone for the discussion, and should not be posted alone.


In short, the use of videos, especially long videos, as a means to declare a point has gotten out of hand. Initial posts that are only links, pictures or videos are likely to be locked or deleted (and almost certainly if they link back to your web site or video channel). Long videos as responses are also discouraged; please summarize and point to the pertinent section. Few are willing to wade through a 20+ minute presentation for the relevant 30-second snippet.


Some of you may recall the feedback we solicited on the topic; that was part of the equation. If you have questions or concerns, you can post them in that thread.

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