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Timber_24    0


Please could you fill in this short survey for my school project. It is about genetic editing and whether it is right and safe. It is purely to find public opinion so It will only take a couple of minutes.


Sorry for bothering you but I would be very grateful for any help,

Thank you,



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Omáčka    0

My name is Daniel Friedrich and I'm a Czech high student. I'm working on a project about the origin of language and I'd like to conduct my own experiment on the word symbolism (how do the words resemble their meaning). For that, I need random people to guess the meanings of words in a different language, which is why I'm here

Could you please take your 5 minutes to fill in my survey?


Thank you very much

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masrat858    0

Hi Science Forums; I hope we are all doing well.


I am conducting a quick survey for one of my psychology classes and wondering if any of us would mind taking two - three minutes of our time answering a few questions related to our education experience? It would be much appreciated. The survey could be found here: https://goo.gl/forms/0hbkrneAJcRzmv2f1


Thank you in advance.

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swansont    6166

Hello everyone,


I'm a Physics teacher in a secondary school and I'm doing a little research into why the number of females in Physics A level classes and undergraduate courses (only about 20%) is so low.


If I could please take 5-10 minutes of your time by asking you to fill out this survey:




I also encourage you to pass the link around to anyone you think may be interested in giving their opinions.


It is anonymous and open to everyone, I just ask for your honest opinions. At this stage I will likely put out a second survey informed by the responses to this one, so if you'd like to suggest pertinent questions to be included or comments on the phrasing of the questions as they stand it would be appreciated.


Many thanks,


Elbow Patches

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felipegtm    0

Hey, everyone!



I am a master's student in Cognitive Science at the University of Vienna. I am doing a study in the relationship between personality attributes

and how people form impressions of political candidates.

I would really appreciate if you could answer this questionnaire. It takes less than 10 minutes!




I'm willing to share the results here!


Thank you very much for your help! =)

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