How to Make Modern Gunpowder.

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This is a good 4 years too late but I'm working on a project looking at how modern technology survives a 'soft apocolypse' (ie 99% of the population just evaporate, the idea being that its so generic that its widely applicable).

I chanced on your post researching making smokeless powder, my current estimates suggest guns will last for hundreds of years but although ammunition will last at least 50-100 years but it will probably be used up in 10.

My blog is over on OMG, the moderator removed the link to my blog because it's against the rules! (but they probably don't mind a non-commercial link in my signature) and email is mjlush at gmail dot com, I'd be very interested to hear your thinking/research on the matter.

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Why don't you get a copy of The Chemistry of Powder and Explosives by Tenney L. Davis and you can discover how to do it for yourself.

Thanks for the info. I am also interested in researching this topic.

To answer the original poster's question... Yes, it is possible for smokeless powder, modern primers, and all other components of ammunition to be manufactured in a postapoclyptic scenario. Benjimin Franklin said it best. "Neccessity is the mother of all inventions". Smokeless powder has been around sence the 1800s. Yes, we've improved on it sense then, but the knowlege is still there. Colt had a manufacturing plant that did not run on ran on steam. Which could also be used to produce electricity. I think if an apoloypse did happen, someone would figure it out.


Just my opinion.

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