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Loss of appetite in hot weather

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#1 Kygron



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Posted 13 June 2005 - 03:43 AM

The daily temp increased significantly in a matter of days here, and my appetite did the same. Changed from mainly meat/grain to fruit/veggie with loss of overall intake. I have a high metabolism and my current lifestyle involves little phyisical activity. Perhaps my body simply needs less fuel to maintain temperature?

I'm not worried about damaging my health, this is just about maintaining "optimum balance" or something like that. My question is, how significant is this effect? Should I try to over/under compensate? Is it standard or different for each person?
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#2 mezarashi



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Posted 13 June 2005 - 04:53 AM

I understand that a "healthy" body functioning normally will maintain itself automatically by making you hungry when you are below your daily calorie intake. However, your body tends to be weird in other ways, and will make you lose your appetite when it feels that energy must be spent on other more important activities like you have the flu or some infection. Of course, in cases like these you shouldn't stop eating. As for external temperature and fuel needed to maintain body temperature, I think there is little correlation. People living in the tropics are fatter than those who live colder places? What you eat probably has a much more significant effect.

In anycase, you should make sure that you aren't facing a heat related illness, namely heat exhaustion. Heat exhaustion can cause appetite loss. It's like the same kind of feeling you get after playing some intense sports and losing lots of water. You just don't feel like doing anything, including eating (although you will feel very hungry sooner or later because of the exercise). Making sure you get more water in than you are sweating is a good start.
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#3 paleolithic



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Posted 13 June 2005 - 06:37 PM

You may have also switched to fruits and veggies because of dehydration, and their higher water content than meats and grains. Are you sweating a lot? Sweating might also have something to do with your bodies glucose levels, which would explain an appetite for fruits and veggies.
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#4 goodyhi11



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Posted 13 June 2005 - 06:53 PM

When the temp. rose around 80s' my body slows down a lot, and I'm not well concentrated either. ( this case only appears to me inside of the house). When I went to backyard and play basketball I felt this intense energy coming out of me, all of a sudden i felt like to Tracy Mcgrady. Can someone explain to me why i felt so different at the same temp. but doing different activities.
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#5 Miss BS

Miss BS


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Posted 29 June 2005 - 01:32 PM

When we feel like not eating in hot weather it's to do with the thermoregulatory system. When we eat, our bodies' metabolism increases and with all processes it requires energy. The release of energy, known as ATP here, is an exothermic reaction. Exothermic obviously meaning heat is given out. If your body is tryin to lose heat to maintain a constant internal temperature, as in hot weather, then it does not ideally want to be realeasing heat via metabolic functions and so reduces these. Your bodies' glands also stop releasing adrenaline and thyroxine which if released would increase your metabolic rate. :-)
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