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Biology topic needed that has at least 2 studies done on them and I will have to contrast

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Avire    0

I need to select a research topic with a biological theme. Each student will find at least TWO (2) primary research articles on his/her topic, write a research report containing comparisons and contrasts (as appropriate) on his/her topic based on the selected research articles.

Example being Effect of X on X(not required just an example). 2 studies and ill have to compare.

Maybe animal behavior studies but with different main authors.

Can be animals or anything biology really.

Any topic would be appreciated and Ill be seeing if I can find research papers on it. Thanks for the help! If you need anymore information just ask.

Some of my classmates have started on a study of alligator eggs hatching different genders at diff temps. Compression socks claims about vmax and other benefits, some bat that was studied that didnt leave its dwelling with moon light.. so it can be any sort of thing if you know of a good one.

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Daecon    190

Do you have a favourite type of animal you'd like to learn more about?


For example, I find the reproductive strategy of the female octopus intriguing, so then I might do a project on the reproductive and parenting strategies of cephalopods, comparing and contrasting how the different cephalopod species approach procreation.


Or, if you like cats then you could study the social structure of various big cat families, and so on.


Does that help in any way?

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mistermack    36

A subject that came up recently in another thread.

Why do humans suffer so many miscarriages of pregnancy? Is it down to genetic abnormalities? Is there a checking mechanism responsible for this? Have any studies been done?

How do humans compare to monkeys and apes?


Do other mammals have the same problem?

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