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  1. friends, I heared a word green chemistry,yesterday. Anyone please explain what is green chemistry and more than about it.
  2. Today is Feb 28, national science day of India. In tne memory of the great scientist sir C V Raman. This year's message is 'restore energy and atomic saftey.
  3. No one created the god. It's not an imagination. Just think, who created the hig's boson? Why every one has a DNA? Where did it come? No answer. We all are the creatures of god. The god has neither a beggining nor an end. Believe in god. Pray to him. He will help you
  4. It is great. But, I have a dought, how can we find a underground river or aquifers?
  5. trillion frames per second?!!!!!!!!.......great.
  6. I am sorry.ydoaPs. I am studying in a malayalam meduim school. So I don't know English very much
  7. I am a 14 year old student Kerala. I am intrested in chemistry. I like maths and physics. But these subjects are difficult to me. One of you please help me. I am a Malayalam meduim student. So please decrease the difficulty lf your English
  8. Israel is very cruel country. I don't know why US supporting them
  9. I agree to Tres Juicy. Because how can we control a flying city?and It will be disturbence to the flight services.
  10. mine is the music of heaven. It's an arabic name
  11. hello, I am Lahan. I am studying in 9th standard. I don't know more about science,but I want to know. Hello, I amLahan. A high school student in Kerala. I wan't to know more about science Thanks to all of you to add me as a friend
  12. Hello, I am Lahan. I am from Kerala. Iam studying in9th std. I don't know more about science, only from my text books. But,I want to know more about science, especially chemistry.