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  1. Somalia and Aid?

    Kevin Myers (born 30 March 1947) is an Irish journalist and writer. He writes for the Irish edition of the Sunday Times, having previously been a columnist for the Irish Independent and a former contributor to The Irish Times, where he wrote the "An Irishman's Diary" opinion column several times weekly. Until 2005, he wrote for the UK Sunday Telegraph. His articles criticise left-wing opinion and the "liberal consensus", sometimes incorporating hyperbole, sarcasm and parody. This essay appeared in The Irish Independent: Somalia is not a humanitarian disaster; it is an evolutionary disaster. The current drought is not the worst in 50 years, as the BBC and all the aid organisations claim. It is nothing compared to the droughts in 1960/61 or 73/74. And there are continuing droughts every 5 years or so. It's just that there are now four times the population; having been kept alive by famine relief, supplied by aid organisations, over the past 50 years. So, of course, the effects of any drought now, is a famine. They cannot even feed themselves in a normal rainfall year. ... Does any one have an opinion on this article they would like to share or discuss??? It is a controversial view that I had not come across before.
  2. Trump to recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

    My understanding is and I also may be wrong. Is that the British allowed high levels of immigration until the Palestinians got uppety about it, they then stopped it. Some where along the line the Americans took over and allowed immigration to continue. This is history and the early days of the problem and a grievance the Palestinians are hanging onto. What are Trumps motives, what has he got to gain by his actions, if like has been suggested he is not a religious nut. He has placed travel bans on people from the middle east and parts of Africa to America. Not including Saudia Arabia where the 9/11 terrorists came from. Could he be trying to provoke a war, this would be good for weapons sales and business. Clearly he is not making any friends or improving the lives of people who will be affected by his actions. What is his game? Assuming Trump is not a complete Asshole(I may well be wrong on this also), he must have a reason that will benefit himself, or his friends, or America in some way, by his actions. Your average Israeli or Palestinian living in Jerusalem are not going to be over whelmed by the deteriorating security situation. This is a bit of micky take ie wind up but! Would a political work around be to declare Jerusalem a separate state like the Vatican in Rome. Perhaps priests, vicars, monks and immans from Jerusalem could all travel on diplomatic passports like the vatican priests, maybe the chief imman could address the American senate like the Pope. America has freedom of religion embedded into the declaration of rights including the right to carry arms and kill people. Would the same declaration of rights work in Jerusalem, would they be able to achieve the same murder rates as America. What the hell is trump up to? what does he hope to gain?
  3. Black hole?

    Galaxies are thought to have black holes at their centre. The centre of a stationery disc has a location and if you travel towards it you will reach it. The same is for a rotating disc except you are fighting against centripetal force. If everything is travelling at light speed towards the centre on arrival it will splat or smear over the surface adding to the mass. Are you saying that inside a black hole contrary to all the normal pop science I read mass has not been shrunk down to the size of a walnut, it just vanishes and does not cause further compression of said walnut down to the plank length. If something enters a black hole and is accelerated by gravity to its centre, to increase the mass of the black hole but never reaches the singularity, are you effectively saying space is expanding inside the black hole. All things are quantum fluctuations and or excitations. They are the cause of gravity, without quantum fluctuations and or excitations there is no gravity, no forces nada, didly squat. Dark energy is thought by some to be caused by quantum fluctuations in space, gravity could also be caused by the absorption of quantum fluctuations by mass, ie a unidirectional flow towards mass. Could an absence of quantum fluctuations/virtual particles represent a black hole singularity. Further Mordred posted this earlier under quantum entanglement " Let us look at a Feyman diagram which is a representation in and unto itself specifically thee amplitudes of particle reactions. e+↘e−↗⇝γ↗u−↘u+ Not pretty but close enough. The inbound legs on the diagonal arrows is the particles we typically define as real ie not virtual. Same as the outbound diagonal lines. In th actual diagrams the lines are all connected." Inside a black hole could the Feynman diagram give some insight. Could particles on collision with their anti particle or singularity not convert to radiation, but convert to a virtual particle and vanish.
  4. Trump to recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

    What is in it for Trump, other than votes at home. He cant be so stupid that he would not realize it would destabilize the area a little bit. To say it is a political distraction from politics at home, is a bit blinkered. To destabilize a country to get a senator elected who happens to like little girls, is not plausible. What is his game? Palestine has no natural resources the only thing that they export is possibly tourism, and religion. The tourism part will be damaged by trumps action and will not benefit America in any form of taxable revenue. Religion does not benefit any country financially, ie it is tax exempt. How can his actions be of benefit to the average American, American business, or lobby groups. Who in America will benefit from his actions.
  5. Trump to recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

    Yes, I genuinely think Trump is of zero benefit to me and most of humanity, I also can not think of one single benefit to me coming out of Palestine, although I do have a suspicion you do think you have benefited and may be Christian perhaps. Christians might think celebrating the Romans torturing to death of a mythical religious leader on a cross is acceptable. The Jews do not have any record of the mythical christian religious leader tortured by the Romans, and certainly do not accept a person in history who never existed as giving them any guidance on the future. Since Jesus was meant to be Jewish Royalty you think they would know. What would happen if the Jews turned around to all of those of a none Jewish faith in Jerusalem and said get out your religion is based on bollox. I will of course be celebrating the winter solstice with all my other friends and family this winter.
  6. Black hole?

    Yes it will form a quark gluon plasma and it will get hot. A black hole is full of hot dense plasma, if you keep compressing it, quarks will break down to radiation. The entire universe from the Big Bang filled a singularity, ie it was not a very big universe. I agree it happened in the past in real time. But as you say the maths breaks down so claiming the singularity exists in the future is based on what, a broken mathematical theory. I speculated that light iniside a black hole can not be constrained by light alone. You clearly disagree. I asked Can you give an example of an experiment showing that light can be constrained by light, as it would have to be in a theoretical boson sun at the centre of a black hole. I have no idea what your last sentence is meant to mean. Are you saying that light has mass, If so you are wrong. It has energy and inertia, not mass.
  7. Trump to recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

    You appear to have set views, do you think it is a good thing what Trump has done? Do you think on average it will benefit your average Israeli and Palestinian? Do you think your average American will benefit in any way? Do you think it may benefit the arms trade? Do you think it may benefit the oil industry outside the middle east? etc
  8. Black hole?

    I did not know about the theoretical max temperature 1.417×1032 kelvin, thank you for that, it is a new number in my collection. This still does not answer the question, during the theoretical Plank epoch of the big bang these temperatures were attained. In what way does a very hot black hole full of radiation not resemble the conditions of the big bang. Can you give an example of an experiment showing that light can be constrained by light. Light has energy which is represented as inertia in the Einstein field equations. If the inertia of photons is supporting the core of a black hole as theorized by Hawking what happens when all the core mass is converted to inertia. There are a number of theoretical exotic stars the Planck star was mentioned earlier not by me. I was more interested in the Boson star, both have a repulsive self supporting action and in fact would expand if not constrained by mass.
  9. Trump to recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

    The resources of the middle east belong to the middle east to do with as they see fit. What if in view of Trump upsetting the Palestinians the whole of the oil producing countries in the middle east, decide not to sell as much oil? Who would that benefit ? Which other countries have oil that they can sell on the world market ? Who on this planet might benefit financially from causing a restriction in oil supply globally? My ancestors whilst trying to be decent human beings doing what they could to survive, rarely got rich, and had little to do with political decision making. Palestine has no natural resource I am aware off which has been stolen to improve the wealth of myself or any of my ancestors. I also suspect you would be hard pressed to find any increase in wealth globally because of the problems caused in Palestine by international interference, unless of course you are involved in selling weapons, which I doubt. Ps the thread is about trump and palestine not me
  10. Trump to recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

    Why should WE police the middle east. What political right do we have to interfere in the politics of another country. If the outside world stopped meddling with different countries we might have a more stable world now.
  11. Quantum Entanglement ?

    Exactly "interpretational problems", and it is the curvature of space and time which I think can be viewed in a way which gets around interprataional problems between Quantum mechanics and relativity. But I strongly suspect you wont agree, having done a bit of background reading, on your posts on other threads started by others on this forum over the years. Time travel is one thing you might have to accept is an interpretational problem, that can be explained away, a bit like a pendulum clock operating in different levels of gravity. A pendulum has mass and measures time reasonably accurately in a stationery gravitational field. An atomic clock has mass and measures time in a stationery gravitational field, I would not assume the pendulum clock had travelled in time if I accelerated it or if I changed the level of gravity it was experiencing, and time either slowed down or speeded up. Quantum excitations resonate as do mechanical systems made up of quantum excitations. The time dilation effect seen in atomic clocks could be the same effect as seen in a pendulum clock. Only the measured time is changing not actual time, also Quantum fluctuations not experiencing gravity might resonate differently and last longer in real time than they would in a high gravity environment. As you can see I still mulling the subject over.
  12. Black hole?

    When the maths fail, does not help a little to fall back on speculation as to what might be happening inside a blackhole in terms of temperature, using known physics. If you take all the matter in the univere and start squashing it down, it will become hotter than the conditions predicted at the start of the big bang. Edit I know you dont agree with the concept of radiation supporting the interior of a blackhole, preventing the collapse, but what would happen if most of the interior was turned into radiation. Would gravity still work the same, if there was no mass in the blackhole but just radiation with inertia. Are photons attracted to each other by gravity, or do they converge with each other because of waves interactions.
  13. Measuring gravitational waves

    Ligo is a bigger version of the michelkson morley experiment. It works by detecting a change in length of its arms which are about 4km long. The ruler analogy you are using is equivalent to the arms and it will expand and contract as the gravitational wave passes by as you say. Here is a link that attempts to explain it, but if you google how LIGO works, you will lots of hits
  14. Trump to recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

    At the end of the second world war many displaced Jews went to Palestine, so you could argue it was Hitlers fault. We are not responsible for the crimes of our ancestors, and in no way is the action of dead politicians our fault today. The Politicians of today are failing to agree not the general public who will be affected. The consensus appears to be the Palestinians have been wronged. I wonder what the average Israeli who has been living in Jerusalem alongside Palestinians thinks of Trumps decision, I also wonder if the Israeli Politicians think it was a good idea, for trump to do what he has done. A lot of innocent Israelis are going to get hurt as well as Palestinians. Normal people just want to get on with their lives without wacko politicians looking for a fight, over land resources or some religion, based on fairy stories, originating from earlier religions based on fairy stories, and astrology. The Palestinians and the Jews are genetically the same race, separated by religion, and politics. Edit- Perhaps a solution to the political problem with Jerusalem, is to declare it as an individual state like the Vatican in Rome. The religious leaders could be given diplomatic immunity and travel the world on diplomatic passports advising politicians what to do. Perhaps the Pope or an elected politician could reside there and rule over it all, like the head of the holy roman empire, maybe the king of spain could go there as well, to give it a bit of Royal class. The above idea is based very losely around revelations. Is that what Trump wants.
  15. Trump to recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

    To say the people were just Nomads, and therefore it is OK to grab the land, could apply to any historic land grab possibly America, South Africa, Australia. The consensus is Trump is a nutter. The people in the middle east of today were not alive thousands of years ago, but are basing there hurt feelings on historical injustice. They will throw stones and get them selves shot, it most likely will escalate. Would a better way of calming hostilities rather than trying to provoke them not been a media campaign explaining how the world works. Religion is simply a tool for controlling society and helping groups have some form of social cohesion, ie form into tribes, it is not based on fact. Politicians use tribalism as a tool to control people etc etc ad infinitum and has been going on for millennia. The people who are going to get hurt are those who are dumb enough to believe their religious holy places are worth dying for. Leaders and politicians cause wars, not individual generally uneducated people in the desert who just want to get along with their lives, behaving as they do because that is what they were taught. In the case of the Palestinians they are percieved as been wronged. America occasionally claims to support world justice, in this instance they have supported injustice.