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  1. How does space get inside of an inflating balloon?

    It seems to me that nothing ends up inside the ballon except the air you blew into it.
  2. Was Jesus a real person?

    I've read (ok, skimmed) through all these pages and it seems like there are no first person, compemtorary accounts of Jesus - much less any collaborating ones. I would think if the people back then would have actually thought they were living amoungst a god, or god-like person they would have made a real big deal of it. Wouldn't they have done something similar to what the Egyptians or Maya did - write accounts of it in stone or erect monuments of some sort? If all we have is verbal second hand stories by church people (with a vested interest in keeping the stories going) to use as evidence, I think the whole thing is just a fable. Not that fables are bad or not to be taken seriously, just not to be taken as any kind of literal truth. Aesop's fables are useful, but rabbits and turtles don't really talk to each other - and when people die, they are dead. They can't become un-dead.
  3. Sinking of the Titanic

    Irony magnets could come in handy sometimes.
  4. Sinking of the Titanic

    I remember - many years ago - watching a show on tv concerning the Titanic. They were claiming that the steel plates of the hull were made of poor quality steel that was too brittle, and that the cold water made them even more so. When the ship hit the iceberg it cracked instead of just denting. Jim S.