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Can I jump straight into a PHD program?


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Moderator Note


you have blown your chance.

too many insults by far.

this thread is locked.



It is unedifying to see one who claims to be so young and so gifted being quite such a bigot. Your preconceptions have blinded you to the chance that you may be mistaken; I hope you are so talented that this will not hold you back in your career but worry that any innate ability will be squandered through a lack of critical self-analysis


If you wish to continue with your participation in discussion at these fora you will have to learn to accept the reality of debate (the possibility that others may have more knowledge on a subject) and how to participate without descending to pejorative remarks quite so quickly.


Do not raise this particular topic again - but please do engage in the maths or other fora. Do not respond to this moderation - report this post if you feel it is unfair


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