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Please rationanalize Numbers 31 with the concept of a benevolent God?

Alan McDougall

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Numbers Chapter 31?

I have great difficulty in rationalizing this chapter with a concept of a good loving God as depicted by the lord Jesus Christ. !

The bible states that God is the same, yesterday, tomorrow and forever. This does not seem to be the case if one analyses and compares the awful chapter 31 of the book on Numbers, in relation to the loving, forgiving God,

1) Verse: 2 the Lord God said to Moses take vengeance on the Midianites.

In direct contrast, Jesus said, forgive those who hate you and despitefully use you. It is easy to love those that love you, but I say love those that hate you.

Vengeance is mine said the lord I will recompense. However, here God appears to go against his own word and commands Moses to take vengeance.

2) Verses: 3- 6 Make war and kill said the lord. This is a direct contradiction to Gods own commandment. Thou shalt not kill.

Jesus said if a man strikes you on the one cheek turn and offer him the other and not to violence.

3) Verses: 6-13 here the armies of Israel go out and destroy, spoil, burn and steal and plunder on Gods command. In addition, they slaughter all the adult males however; this is not sufficient bloodletting slaughter to please Moses or God as we read from verse 14.

In contrast, Jesus said he that lives by the sword would die by the sword. The soldiers apparently somewhat kinder and merciful than Moses spared the woman and children much to Mosses disappointment and anger

4) Verse: 14 Moses was wroth (angry) with the officers. Why? Because they had not slaughtered THE WHOLE LOT, WOMAN, CHILDREN, like they had done to the adult males. So what is sweet kind merciful Moses proposal? Verse: 15, He says now murder all the "little boys". In ABSOLUTE contrast Jesus said "blessed are the little children and forbid them not to come unto me for of such is the kingdom of heaven".

For goodness sake is this the same merciful loving God depicted by Jesus. No this horrific story does not end yet.


Moses goes on saying." Kill all the woman" except those that have "not had sex with a man".

How on earth in those remote primitive days were the soldiers to know which woman were a virgin and which were not. There was definitely no gynecologist way back in 3000 B.C. WERE THERE?. So to me they must on Moses command raped all the woman first and then murdered those who were not virgins. Why was it necessary to rape them all? Because a woman's age does not necessarily indicate whether a woman is a virgin or not.

5) Now if any learned rational bible scholar can tell me that this is the same father God that is the same yesterday tomorrow and forever, I am all eyes and ears waiting for a logical explanation. You know if one takes out the title God and Moses and replaces them with Hitler and Rudolf Hess, no one would question that it was the work of the evil Hitler regime. Would they?

Am I blaspheming or sacrilegious?? can.

Alan McDougall 13/7/2007


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