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Caucium acetate fail


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Some time ago, I was making alcohol(ethanol) by fermentation of sugar. it worked, then I decided to go further and convert this ethanol to acetic acid(the same thing than make vinegar, but with a clear alcoholic solution) after this, I made the fltration in order to get a clear solution. and I decided to make calcium acetate out of this, by mixing the solution I've got with eggshells(source of calcium carbonate), I waited all the reaction be completed(there's no more CO2 bubbles) and so I boiled the solution. and what I got is in the picture bellow:




It's ok to do not be pure, but I was waiting the major part of this to be salt like.
note: this thing smells horrible, and is viscous, visually it looks like molten sugar.
I made this post in order to get help to what is this? or at least what can this be?
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