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Nerve Gear


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I interested on this topic...

I think nerve gear is posible to make if you change the way of you think...

The technology is not to control data using mind/brain.... But it is about to interact with digital data using mind/brain...

I think the theory must be to examine the type of neutron charge that comanding all of body (movement like running, walking, holding something in hand) and (sense like what you see, what skin feel , what the test of food, what you hear)..

And it must be able to make neutron charge like that with a machine to send the specific neutron charge to the brain.. To complete this you must intercept the neutron charge to paralize whole the real body and all brain neutron charge send to a program or game and then the program make neutron chager send to brain to receive information what happend on game...

Warning be careful naver touch/intercept neutron charge for Heart because its can make you die...

That my idea... But i think its to dengerous to try..

This about interaction between brain and program..

This about dream technology...

For me nerve gear is a machine with neutron receptor function

Sorry for my bad english..

For the lag safety... Make brain connect offline with device and device connect online trough internet.. So if connection lost there is not effect the brain... For power source use battery to prevent power lost and auto disconnect function after lost main power source...

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