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Taking choice away


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I think it's pretty obvious that, biologically, humans are meat-eaters, and I don't see people circumventing growing/slaughtering animals until researchers make in vitro (lab-grown) meat a viable (no pun intended) commodity. I'm not a slave to meat, and I also couldn't work in a slaughterhouse, but I would gladly eat in vitro meat. "Soylent steaks", here we come!

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Biologically humans are omnivores, of course, you can eat both meat and fruit. Originally in jungles such as in Africa where closely related primates lived, it was much harder to get meat and thus most food was vegetarian which explains health benefits of eating a greater ratio of fruit and vegetables to meat because our ancestors were adapted to eat vegetarian food more often. Meat did exist however, especially in bugs which is why we are adapted to eat meat at all.

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