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solve what?


i assume u mean finding the root of that function


it looks like u will need to find the roots of a quartic of a form ax^4 + bx^3 + c = 0

there should be a general formula for that, i dont know it. lemme just try to look for it on the net

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well do it this way.





then -1 iby inspection is a root, therefore (x+1) is a factor of f(x). then you can reduce the polynomial into a quintic


information on solving quartic


there is also a link at the bottom to solutions to quintic


I banged the equation into Maple, and the solutions are horrible. the only nice solutions is -1, the others are massive strings of numbers.

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I think he meant intervals instead of integrals, but I could be wrong.


All the other integral roots.


You have an equation which ends in a prime. To factorise it into an (x+a)(x+b)(x+....) form, a*b*c*whatever must equal the prime. To get integral values, one of those numbers must be the prime, and the rest must be one, by the definition of a prime number.


As it's fairly clear that 2 is not a factor, the solutions therefore can't be nice integrals.

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